What if They Had Not Left the WWE?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 13, 2008

So I have been thinking what if Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, or Team 3D had stayed in the WWE. What would have happened to them? Well who really knows for sure, but I want to take a look at all the former WWE talent in TNA and brainstorm on what might have been their fate if they had stayed with Vince McMahon and his company.

Kurt Angle

Angle was in bad shape when he left WWE. He was working through injuries and was addicted to pain pills. Angle was wrestling for ECW at the time of his release and was not happy with the direction management was taking his character.

If Angle had stayed, his fate would have been the same as Eddie Guerrero. Kurt Angle was on his last leg in WWE and he recognized this and knew that he had to leave for his family and his life. Good move, Kurt!

Christian Cage

Maybe you don't remember, but at the time of Christian's departure he was gaining a loyal fan base. If Christian had stayed with the WWE, I think he would have eventually got a main event push to [yes] a World Title reign and might have become a big-time player for the WWE, much like his former partner Edge. I think Christian should have stayed with the money on this one.


Well in TNA, Rhino actually won the NWA Title from Jeff Jarrett. In WWE, Rhino would probably have trouble winning the tag team titles. Rhino would have been a jobber for the rest of his life in WWE. He made the right move going to TNA. TNA knows how to use him (for the most part).

Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz)

I don't think Vince or management really saw the worth in Team 3D. It is like they almost can't even fathom two superstars being in the main event and being a tag team too. TNA has done great with the Dudley boys, but if WWE had not released them maybe we would have us some ECW Tag Team Champions right now. The Dudley boys are much better off in TNA though.

Booker T

Booker had nothing left to do in the WWE. Period. Booker had done everything there was to do it the WWE. He held every title and won every accolade. He would have just been a veteran who the fans didn't care about him. Plus he was unhappy. Booker in TNA is much better.

Gail Kim

There are talks that she is on her way back to WWE. I think WWE could make her a "Trish Stratus" type Diva if she was to return. If Gail Kim had never left she probably would have been a five-time Women’s Champion by now. Either way, Gail Kim would have been successful. I think going back to the WWE would be a good move. She has outgrown TNA a bit.

Well that is my small analysis of what might have happened if today’s current TNA stars had stayed with the WWE. Thank you for reading. :)