Lucha Libre Vs. WWE: Lucha Las Vegas One Ups Vince McMahon In New Concept at Rio

Mister Near PerfectContributor IIJanuary 13, 2011

At the inaugural Lucha Las Vegas show, LA Park and  El Hijo de Rey Misterio defeated Blue Demon, Jr. and El Apostol in the main event. Photo by AOK Photography.
At the inaugural Lucha Las Vegas show, LA Park and El Hijo de Rey Misterio defeated Blue Demon, Jr. and El Apostol in the main event. Photo by AOK Photography.

Ever since the AWA ceased presenting cards for ESPN at the world famous Showboat in 1990, Las Vegas has been a WWE stronghold. But that might be about to change.

Just as the first Wrestlemania revolutionized “sports entertainment” in the ’80s, lucha libre specialists Masked Republic may have done the same last Friday night at the luxurious Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, with a heavy accent on the word “entertainment.” And they called it: Lucha Las Vegas.

What if, when the talent comes to the ring, their theme songs are played by a kick-ass live rock band? How about two kick-ass live rock bands? Even better, one of the bands is a “rudos” band, and the other is a “technicos” band!

But this show featured far more than just top musicians and luchadores, it also saw performances by top stars from MTV’s Wrestling Society X, the National Wrestling Alliance, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and even TNA and WWE.

And what if you throw in another Las Vegas adult entertainment staple: an erotic pole dance done by the luscious and scantily-clad Lizzy Valentine, one of America’s sexiest lady wrestlers?

And how about if the evening’s referees are all lovely, leggy divas as well?

Let’s say you also feature a pair of famously former WWE stars in a freaky, carny-type sideshow? SiNN Bodhi (Kizarny) and his wife/assistant, former WWE diva Stacy “The Kat” Carter, both awed and grossed-out the audience with a painful variety of sick tricks, from flesh-piercing darts thrown at Bodhi’s bare chest and back to his ass in an electric chair, stairs of swords, and even the pyro for the evening, which actually exploded on Bodhi’s chest.

(Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who toured with SiNN when they headlined the Jim Rose Sideshow Circus, said, “SiNN Bodhi is ahead of his time and too dangerous for WWE to control.”)

Before a standing-room-only crowd, the featured matches included current EWA Champion Scorpio Sky (who also appeared in a Super Bowl ad last year with John Cena) defeating Black Tiger; the 500-pound Alofa the Samoan Tank (a cousin of The Rock) squashing an unknown Mexican tag team; wrestling throwback Matt Classic (from parts unknown) easily crushing a brave audience member; Los Pochos Guapos, (Aaron Aguilera and Joey Kaos), victorious over That ’70s Team (Joey “Magnum” Ryan and The Disco Machine); as well as a ladies match, a traditional lucha trios match featuring TJ Perkins (formerly Puma in TNA and New Japan), and a luchador minis match. And in the main event, El Hijo de Rey Misterio and LA Park (the original La Parka) triumphed over Blue Demon Jr. and the mysterious El Apostol.

More than just matches, Lucha Las Vegas may be the next step in pro wrestling’s evolution. Scheduled for regular monthly shows at the Rio Las Vegas, is Lucha Las Vegas the future of sports entertainment in Sin City? Only time will tell.

But what do you think of the concept? Would you be willing to travel to see Lucha Las Vegas?

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