Tommy's NFL Picks: Week 2

Tommy MarcusCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

I'm back with the 2nd edition of Tommy's Picks. This week there will be more features as well as more analysis. Last week, I went 11-5. Also, If you would like to join our "league" for picks, please post your picks as a comment and we will count up your picks by Wednesday or Thursday.

First off, I'd just like to wish Vince Young luck with recovering from what Titans fans gave him the last year.

Although I'm a strong believer in booing the people that disappoint me, after reading this story I will be thinking twice before booing. I think all players should be giben the benefit of the doubt, and never be booed before they do something, only after they've disappointed you. I personally believe that Vince Young is going to continue to be a borderline player and never be a star in the NFL, however that's no reason to go out and try to kill himself.

Now, onto the review of last week. 

It was a week that fooled many, let down fans, and gave fans of bad teams senses of hope. Tom Brady went down for the season, Brett Favre let nobody down, and the Colts lost. The Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys all won, confirming the predictions of what will be one of the best division races in football history.

Week 1 Players of the Week:  Willie Parker & Aaron Rodgers

Here are my picks for week two of NFL Football (with my picks bolded):

Away           Home

Bears          Panthers

Titans         Bengals

Packers       Lions

Bills            Jaguars

Raiders       Chiefs

Colts          Vikings

Giants         Rams

Saints        Redskins

49ers         Seahawks

Falcons      Buccaneers

Dolphins      Cardinals

Chargers   Broncos

Patriots     Jets

Steelers    Browns

Eagles       Cowboys

Ravens      Texans

Game of the week: Patriots @ Jets

1 Week ago, I would have never thought I'd EVER pick the Jets to beat the Patriots. However, that's all changed. The Jets are now the team to beat in the AFC East, and their solid defense along with their now dominant offense should take over the Patriots and the AFC East.

Happy Picking!