Is This The Sens New Thrid Jersey? Bob Cole Says Yes.

Spencer CallaghanAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2008

Is Bob Cole designing NHL jerseys?

That is the thought I am left with upon seeing the supposed "leak" of the design for the Ottawa Senators new third jersey.

For those who may not know, Cole is the lovable yet senile play-by-play voice of Hockey Night in Canada.

For Leaf fans he is like a kindly grandfather, bringing back memories of better times.

For the fans of most other Canadian teams, Cole is a tired old broadcaster who is well past his prime and sees only in Leaf blue.

The reason this is relevant is because Cole has this annoying habit of calling the Ottawa Senators the "Ottawa Sens" while doing his play-by-play.

While "Sens" is an acceptable nickname, used frequently by fans, it should never be preceded by "Ottawa". Just "Sens" on it's own, much the same way that "Toronto Leafs" sounds awkward.

Which brings us back to the supposed third jersey.

While I don't mind text only jerseys, it should either have the city name or the complete team nickname "Senators".

Of course in seeing this leaked photo my first thought was "fake" for one glaringly obvious reason..why the hell would they put Lapointe on the jersey?

Even if the mock-up was done while Lapointe was still on the team, why wouldn't they have picked a more recognizable Sens player like Alfredsson or Spezza?

Another nitpick; any text nameplate should run from the top left to the bottom right, not fom thte top right to the bottom left. As it is now it reads more like "SNES".

Rumour has it that this mock-up may just be the work of an enterprising fan who got wind of the rumoured design and ran with it.

Though I don't mind the overall design, it needs to either say "Ottawa" or "Senators".

What's next, putting the players nicknames on the back?