How Is the WWE PG? Should Network Executives Be Blamed?

Iqbal SirajContributor IIJanuary 13, 2011

People are constantly arguing and attacking the fact the WWE went PG couple of years ago. Well, we have to live with that because at the end of the day, they were a rare company that actually make money during the recession since kids are constantly attracted to them. Why? Because the WWE purposely target kids, who subsequently go to their parents and bug them until their wallets deteriorate. 

But how can the WWE be PG? Recently, the WWE has been considered as cartoon violence. Just look at the Tom & Jerry-type storyline Edge and Kane just had. On that note, why is Edge still considered rated R? What rated R stuff does he do? He should be Rated G.

But on a serious note, wrestling is still wrestling. It was supposed to be an art form, which was quickly changed when the Attitude era began. And now we complain because it is neither Attitude or pre-Attitude. Hell, even the Ruthless Aggression era was fun to watch. But people went on to complain that it was too edgy?!

In the past, kids got injured because they were imitating actions on TV. Our argument as well as the WWE's was that it's up to the parents to let their children watch the product. Well, now it's targeting kids, ain't that even worse? It is actually encouraging kids to try the things they do on TV, because let's face it, kids worship TV these days.

Then we have word censorship. I found it a bit trivial that words like "b*tch" were constantly used, blood was pouring out every week and they were dropping the f-bomb on some occasions. But what made the Attitude era great was that they started using it sparingly after a while. And the Ruthless Agression era did the same.

OK, WWE has gone PG, fair enoughblood should not constantly appear and vulgar words like b*tch should not be used on TV. But what is wrong with the word "ass" really? Why does the FCC jump to censor the word so much? Also, you have matches like Hell in a Cell and Cage matches which were brutal back in the days? No blood to show how far these wrestlers actually go through just to beat their opponent? Man, even Harry Potter is more violent than WWE these days!

Just this week, Cena dropped the three-letter "a" word. The FCC did not censor him, but Sky Sports tried censoring it? Then Cena proceeded to post on Twitter and WWE fined him for saying it, yet is showing it uncensored...hmmmm.

WWE: hire better writers, let HHH take over Vince ASAP and do not be the network executive's b*tch. Say ass as much as you want; show blood on some occasions; let the wrestlers be free; give us fresh storylines; dont give us Orton, Cena and Edge main event at every single PPV since 2005! 

Thanks for reading....until next time!