Too Many Stars: Why Morrison and Other Overrated WWE Stars Do Not Need a Push

Evan FeinCorrespondent IIJanuary 13, 2011


Many articles written by members of the Internet Wrestling Community can be summed up in a brief sentence: John Cena sucks; John Morrison and every other young star should be pushed immediately. This sentiment does not reflect the reality of today's WWE.

The truth is that when looking at the participants in this year's Royal Rumble pay-per-view, you can quickly see that the WWE roster is busting at the seams with former champions and upcoming stars who have received main event pushes in recent years.

The WWE deserves credit for successfully pushing stars like the current WWE champion The Miz, two-time champion Sheamus and future champion Wade Barrett. Conversely, some of WWE's pushes have been unsuccessful. This is not due to poor booking or mistakes by the creative staff. This is due to the stars just not being good enough. Jack Swagger's World Heavyweight championship run is widely considered a joke and with good reason. To put it bluntly, Jack Swagger sucks. 

I already hear people shouting out his amateur credentials into their computer screens. Let me gently remind you all that this is professional wrestling. Mic skills and charisma make a champion, not a good technical background. Jack Swagger has a lisp and an awkward in-ring demeanor. He just cannot be taken seriously as a champion.

Keep in mind that when pushing Swagger, the WWE followed almost the exact same blue print they used to push Kurt Angle, even giving Swagger the Olympic gold medalist's ankle lock finisher. The difference is that Kurt Angle had mic skills, and a mean streak that was believable. Jack Swagger is no Kurt Angle.

And John Morrison is certainly no Shawn Michaels.

John Morrison is another superstar that has been overrated by the Internet Wrestling Community. Some speak of him as if he is the second coming of the Heartbreak Kid himself. Yes he is an excellent performer, but his in-ring repertoire screams "Tag Team" and "Intercontinental" champion.

Remember that WWE champions are considered an investment to the company. Someone who constantly performs high-risk maneuvers will break down quickly. By the time John Morrison is in his mid-30's, he will be unable to perform the moves he does now. With limited mic skills, John Morrison's future value to the company is quite low.

Dolph Ziggler, the guy who will lose to Edge at this year's Royal Rumble, is another wrestler who falls in the Morrison category. He is a poor man's Billy Gunn (Gunn had more size and a better physique). And like Gunn, his career will be overshadowed by more interesting personalities.

Sure, Ziggler has some interesting moves and talent, but why bother pushing him? There's only a limited amount of air time for stars in the upper mid-card. That time would be better spent on someone like Wade Barrett or even Cody Rhodes.

The fact of the matter is that there are many new stars in the WWE. Some members of the Internet Wrestling Community don't even want a mid-card. They just want every guy on the roster to hold the most prestigious titles.

Even if that were realistic, it would be detrimental to stars who are a better investment. If Triple H and the Undertaker come back soon, there will be even less room at the top. The Miz, CM Punk, Wade Barrett and Sheamus have done a fine job carrying the company and deserve the spotlight.

There's also another young rising star who I don't often think of as a young rising star: Randy Orton. At 30 years old, Orton is certainly a main eventer. Along with John Cena, he is the current face of the company. How is he rising star? Well, he is on the cusp of moving from main event status to iconic status. With a main event win at WrestleMania, Orton can move onto the level of guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Michaels and Bret Hart. With all he's done for the company, he certainly deserves it.