Christian: Why I Am Cheering The Man We All Hate

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2011

Okay guys. It has been a while since I wrote an article on here, technical difficulties.

But I am back and after watching the last few episodes of Raw and Smackdown I have got to say, the chances of the match we all want to see is growing ever so higher by the week.

One man moving shows makes all the difference in my opinion. With Alberto Del Rio moving to Raw, the return of Christian to job him seems horribly unlikely by the day.

Think about it: Would Vince want to have the guy he hates be on the No. 1 show? Even beside that point, it just doesn't make sense to have Christian on Raw simply for the point of jobbing to Del Rio.

I believe he is on to bigger things.

So, look at who is on Smackdown for Christian to work with.

McIntyre, been there a million times already. I still see him in the IC title race though.

Rhodes, while it is unlikely I could see Christian feuding with him, possibly for making fun of the Dashing part of his name, it would be better if Christian was a heel so the jokes could be made better, but still unlikely.

Gabriel: With the new edition of Justin Gabriel on Smackdown (judging as an opinion, but I don't know if it is going to happen for sure yet) Gabriel could use a veteran to help him develop a little more.

This I would not mind seeing, as Gabriel is very gifted and it would finally be a good use of Christian's talent.

Slater: Same as Gabriel

Those are about the only guys I could see needing a jobber. Even so, I can see them all in a match at the Elimination Chamber for the IC title. (Kingston vs. Swagger vs. McIntyre vs. Rhodes vs. Zeke/Barrett vs. Masters)

That leaves the only thing we all want to see: At this point we all can guess that Vince doesn't want Christian with the belt, so this is my view on how it goes.

Ziggler is now the No. 1 contender; judging by how the WWE gives the titles to guys who are not yet ready for it, he will probably get it. There are a few ways this could evolve.

Either have Christian help Ziggler win it, thus turning him heel and feuding with Edge, or have Ziggler win and assault Edge with Christian coming to his rescue reforming Edge and Christian to help the tag team division.

More for Gabriel and Slater.

So guys, what do you think? Is this set up of Del Rio moving good or bad for Christian? Will we finally see some sort of interacting between Edge and Christian before it's over?