Max Mosley on Lewis Hamilton: "I Think He Is Brilliant"

Ryan WoodAnalyst ISeptember 12, 2008

With Max Mosley returning to the paddock for the first time since he was cleared of his alleged Nazi-themed-Orgy, he has openly stated that he is backing Lewis Hamilton in this year's World Driver's Championship.

In an interview, Mosley said, "He has to be favorite, without question."

Mosley later went on to say that anyone who thought the FIA was biased against Mclaren and favored Ferrari was "a reflection, and I'm sorry to say this, of the stupidity of the people."

Max was in Peru at the time of the Belgium Grand Prix and insisted the stewards had a tough decision to make. He said the penalty rested on whether Lewis did or didn't gain an illegitimate advantage, and that this would be sorted in the court of appeal, "perhaps."

The Spa controversy aside, Mosley only had praise for Hamilton when he spoke this morning. Here's what he said about the young Mclaren driver, currently battling for his first WDC.

"I think he is brilliant."

"It would be really excellent for F1, and the world championship, if he won it—but that doesn't mean we are going to help or hinder him. We are going to be utterly neutral."

"That said, it would be brilliant if he won because he is a supreme talent, and when it's difficult, that's when we see it."

"He has done a great job, but whilst we can admire, we mustn't assist or hinder."

"I think he is odds on. He has to be favorite [to win the WDC] without question."

So, Max has only praise for Lewis. Are these comments trying to detract the Mclaren fans away from what seems to be a biased FIA, even though Max says anyone who thinks so is stupid?

Or does Max really like Lewis, and truly believe he has not 'hindered' his WDC chances with silly penalties?