Told Ya: NWO Reincarnation? Huge SmackDown *SPOILER*

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2011


While I’m not one to spoil an upcoming show, the SmackDown spoilers have once again proved my genius.  On Saturday, I released an article stating Justin Gabriel should depart The Nexus. On Monday, CM Punk forced every member on Nexus to take part in an initiation.

Michael McGillicutty withstood a finisher by each member of Nexus. Husky Harris took lashes from every member excluding McGillicutty. David Otunga was forced to slap Big Show and receive a beat down because of it. Later in the evening, it came time for Gabriel’s and Slater’s initiation.

Wielding kendo sticks, CM Punk informed both men that they would be swinging at one another until he told them to stop. Both took the sticks but were extremely hesitant and at one point looked as if they would thrash Punk himself.

Both dropped the sticks and left Punk with a confused reaction.

I felt as if WWE attempted to have Punk recreate some moments of the Attitude Era. Especially including tactics used by the Ministry of Darkness. At this point, that’s what the Nexus had become. The Ministry of Darkness and the Straight Edge Society combined.

That’s when my curious mind led me to believe the next angle. Wade Barrett is on SmackDown and has an upcoming match with the Big Show. I’m positive Slater and Gabriel liked Barrett as their leader exceptionally more than Punk. Why not have them follow Barrett to SmackDown?

Splitting the Nexus up like WCW did more than a decade ago: the Wolf Pac black and white led by Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. It’s the perfect angle and I was already excited.

But I got a sigh of relief when I read the SmackDown spoilers Friday. I was right! Again

During Barrett’s match with Big Show, Gabriel and Slater interfered causing a disqualification win by Big Show. But what I read next totally caught yours truly off guard. Ezekiel Jackson teased saving Show but took part in the beat down against him.

My thoughts were, “They did it, they really are going through with it."

I’m officially interested in what the new group will have to say on the talent makeover. SmackDown’s roster is looking better than RAW with the passing of each week. I assure you that whatever Creative has planned for Barrett and the new group will outweigh and outshine CM Punk’s Nexus.

Be sure to tune in to SmackDown!

I definitely will.

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