The Rock? Sting? Who Are The Other 2 Superstars Set For The WWE Hall of Fame?

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2011

Hello Creatures! RiZE here with an interesting news report.

On Monday Night RAW, Shawn Michaels was announced as the first inductee for the 2011 Hall of Fame. The G.O.A.T made an appearance afterwards, much to the delight of the live audience. Michaels gave us Sweet Chin Music one last time, kicking the wink and smile off of Alberto Del Rio's face.

The talk backstage is that Michaels is the first of three "big ones" the WWE has set in stone.

The question is who are the other two individuals?

While I'm positive everyone knows that former horsemen, Arn Anderson will be announced in the coming weeks. Anderson has indeed achieved legendary status but isn't considered one of the "big ones."

Which WWE superstars are big enough to have this much hype surrounding them?

Yeah, guys like Stone Cold, Sting and Kurt Angle roll off the tongue, but Austin's already in the HOF while Sting and Angle are still in dealings with TNA.

What big superstar has yet to be added to the list?

The Undertaker and Triple H are still on the active roster so they're out of the question. Perhaps it's another member of the Attitude Era? The Hall of Fame is full of "legends" but they're missing a "Great One."

Personally, I believe The Rock will be one of those big two.

And why not?

Aside from Johnson, the HOF was intended to be WCW themed. While TNA expects the Stinger to re-sign a contract, I don't think Sting would pass up this opportunity. He's the greatest WCW superstar and was the face its entire tenure.

Enough with my predictions, who do you think will enter the HOF? Better yet, who will be a part of the Big Two?