NFL Picks For Week Two

Ivahn LachowskySenior Analyst ISeptember 12, 2008

Well week one of the NFL regular season is over now it's on to week two (if anyone is still left to play that is)

How did I do last week?

I went 7-7 500.

Let's try again

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs the line is Chiefs by 7    

Even after Rob Ryan's tirade I still don't believe it will be enough to motivate this team. I'm not sold on quarterback Jamarcus Russell or the will of  receiver Javon Walker or for whole team for that matter I say Chiefs by 3

Indianapolis Colts @ Minnesota Vikings the is Colts by 4 

Colts by 4 after losing at home what a gift the Colts hardly ever lose two in a row I'm going with the 4 on the road

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars the line is Jags by 5

One team impressed in week one the other was left with a sour taste in it's mouth I'm going with the sour taste in the mouth team to win but not to cover Jaguars by 3 

New England Patriots @ N.Y. Jets the line is Pats by 2

A game I was looking forward to until Brady went down but I'm sure Bill Belichick has been game planning this one for a while this is a no brainer could never take the Jets to win Patriots by 100

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos the line is Chargers by 2 

Even though Denver quarterback Jay Cutler looked great in the game versus the Raiders it was the Raiders after all if you catch my drift. The Chargers are pretty banged up with linebacker Shawn Merriman out for the year and running back LaDainian Tomlinson and cornerback Antonio Cromartie injured but the Chargers are still talented enough to pull of the win by 3

TEN@CINthe line is Cin by 2 I say Ten by 7

NWO@WASthe line is NWO by 3 I say NWO by 10

GB@DET the line is GB by 5 I agree

CHI@CAR the line is Car by 3 I say Chi by 3

NYG@STLthe line is NYG by 11 I say NYG by 10

ATL@TB the line is TB by 8 I say TB by 14

SF@SEA the line is Sea by 8 I say Sea by 17

MIA@ARI the line is Ari by 8 I say Ari by 10

PIT@CLE the line is Pit by 8 I say Pit by 3


BAL@@@HOU the line says Bal by 5 I say Hou by 7

The game of the week in my opinion Philadelphia Eagles @ the Dallas Cowboys two monster teams in a monster division the line says the boys by 8 I say the Eagles by 3!


Well there you have it as always please leave comments.