Sports: A Microchasm of Life

Ryan DonahueContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

     Of all the sections of the newspaper there is only one of any true significance.  Sports. Why the sports section trumps all others can be answer in one simple concept-healthy living. To be athletic one must maintain a healthy lifestyle and, arguably, if one is interested in sports, at the very least, a closer attention is paid to what is eaten and done than say, a fat ass slob who's only interested in what time American Idol and the Biggest Looser is on.  Make sure you got your cheesy puffs and diet coke.

     Sure there are some who will say that the News section is the most important. Maybe it provides the information that most affects our lives like terrorist attacks, wars and natural disasters but in a day and age like today is it really wise to focus our minds on negative thoughts? Has it ever been wise to focus on negative thoughts? The news section can be summed up by saying, America the world outside is mean and angry.

     Especially for the avid news reader who might get a bit fired up over the running presidential race, what better way to vent frustration than sitting back and watching a veritable war unfold in the baseball diamond, basketball court or football field? At least in these wars the soldiers don't die and shake hands like gentleman and ladies upon closing the conflict.  

     Watching a baseball, football, basketball or any other game for that matter instills in people, at least it does in this journalist, a desire to improve one's own physical abilities. Watching athletes play at the top of their game inspires average Joes and Janes to advance their performance. That can be a strive for more healthful eating or perhaps better accuracy when shooting hoops. Complacency is the anti-sport.

     Where does complacency come from?  Complacency comes from lack of ambition and lack of positive influence. Complacency comes from idiot reality television which gives Americans a deceiving sense of ineptitude in their lives when they are compared to the lives of those on TV. There is only one true form of reality TV - that is sports and the 10 O'Clock news, yet I reiterate my point about the news. Get off your couch America unless of course you need to catch the last inning of the game.

     The sports section has another vital lifeline of healthy living in it's relaying of the weather.  How can someone, inspired by their team's victory last night, organize a game to play if the fan doesn't know what the weather is going to be the following day? Sure one can play indoors but they are truly robbing themselves of the greatest gifts nature gives us - freshair and sunshine. Indoor games should be reserved exclusively for rainy days. (We don't say snow anymore ... it's just too evil) Indoor air is infinitely worse for our bodies than outdoor air is. Think about the sunshine; it gives us Vitamin D. Whether one admits to it or not, sun exposure positively affects our moods. When was the last time your light bulb and air conditioner improved your health and mood?

Stop focusing on the negative and start running on those positive vibrations that sports are designed to give us.