Spectacular: A Few Ways to Make the Royal Rumble an Interesting One

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 30, 2011

Spectacular: A Few Ways to Make the Royal Rumble an Interesting One

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    Hello Creatures, yours truly here with a slideshow related to the upcoming Royal Rumble.

    Tomorrow marks a significant event in WWE history because for the first time since its creation, the Royal Rumble will not feature 30 men. This year, the Rumble will consist of 40 WWE Superstars. The decision has drawn as much criticism as praise by some WWE fans.

    Personally, I find the addition of ten men to be a relief of some sort.

    Let’s face it, the Royal Rumble is about the match itself and the other matches on the card are just appetizers for the main event. Most of the time, they’re predictable and fly by with a blink of an eye.

    That being said, my predictions for the preliminary matches are Natalya, Miz and Edge retaining their championships.

    The last time the Royal Rumble meant something to me was when the Undertaker won it in 2007. The atmosphere was great, numerous Superstars and a finish I never saw coming. Strange enough, it’s the last time the RR winner won the World title at WrestleMania.

    Now it’s 2011 and I’m once again craving that excitement that made each match on the card special.

    In my opinion, there are multiple ways the WWE etch this event in my mind, and WWE history. 

    So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with the first stop being….

John Morrison Enter at No.1 and Makes It to the Final Four

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    While I don’t believe the WWE will have Morrison win the Rumble, the Prince of Parkour certainly is riding a wave of momentum as of late.  Instead of having him win the actual match, creative could place Morrison in a position to display his abilities. They’ve certainly given him the stage to shine as of late but to no apparent prevail.

    I believe creative failed to realize that having Morrison win at TLC just to lose his title match on RAW was an obvious mistake. Fans love a winner and losing cleanly to Miz certainly takes away from Morrison’s build up.

    Since there are 40 men, Morrison shouldn’t have a problem shattering Rey Mysterio’s record for the longest time in the rumble.

    I think the accolade of longest time in a Rumble would do wonders for Morrison’s development.

LayCool Loses Their Title Match and Splits Up

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    I’ve got my fingers crossed on this one.  Michelle McCool and Layla El has been an item for quite some time now. Dominating the Diva’s division, McCool and Layla almost never drop out of the title picture. LayCool have feuded with the likes of Melina, Mickie James, Tiffany, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, and current Champion, Natalya.

    That’s just about every Diva on the WWE roster. Frankly, none of us want to see LayCool continue their bully antics and I’m quite sure we know why McCool continues to hold the title. If I’m not mistaken, she held the Women’s Championship 10 out of 12 months in 2009 and 2010.

    With the recent buzz of Awesome Kong’s potential RR debut, Kong could play an important factor in the split up.

    My imagination has forced me to believe that Natalya will defeat LayCool due to miscommunication by one of its members. Creating friction while Natalya celebrates only for Kong to destroy all three Divas in the ring.

The Corre vs. New Nexus

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    Now this is the confrontation I am hoping to see. This past Monday, we got a taste of Corre vs. Nexus and honestly I’m already interested.  When I began writing this on Tuesday, I read that WWE creative wants to have this feud run past WrestleMania.


    We got a taste of its potential on Monday when Punk referred to Corre as a poor man’s Nexus. Barrett took offense to Punk's words and informed Punk that the Corre is nothing like Nexus. A few harsh words to Punk brought a facedown between Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson.

    Those two in a singles match would be an eye widener.

    Just imagine a stable vs. stable match in the near future. Honestly, I don’t expect Wade Barrett or CM Punk to win the Rumble this Sunday. I’m almost positive that both groups will cross paths this Sunday and will eventually be eliminated by Cena or the multiple Stars they’ve tormented in the past.

    Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), I have an interesting idea for you to dissect.

    The feud carries over both brands which will bring about the return of a certain Superstar. Instead of having Barrett take on this Superstar one on one, have CM Punk join the mix for a triple threat match. It will certainly take a load off of this Superstar who has mustered multiple injuries lately.

    Besides, when’s the last time this guy has taken on more than one opponent at WrestleMania.

A Number of Returns

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    In the past three years, we’ve witnessed multiple returns during the Rumble match. Edge, John Cena and RVD have all made shocking returns to the squared circle in the past. This year, it’s more than one Superstar expected to return.

    Numerous WWE Superstars have been injured or left the WWE in 2010 and the rumors of their impending returns have spread like a wild fire. Triple H, Evan Bourne, Christian and Chris Jericho are a set of Superstars rumored to return at the event.

    Honestly, I don’t believe Y2J will return this Sunday but the possibilities of the other three are high.

    Triple H is ready to return to the ring while Bourne and Christian are said to still be rehabilitating. If my memory serves me right, last year the multiple sources states Edge was not ready to return in time for the Rumble. Despite this, Edge returned and won the match to everyone’s surprise.

    I’ve learned to expect the unexpected during the Rumble.

    I believe Triple H will enter just to eliminate Sheamus and reignite their feud from 2010. The same goes for Bourne who will likely go after Punk and Nexus while Christian will eliminate the Spanish JBL, Alberto Del Rio.

    Despite this, I don’t expect any of the three to win the match.

Showcasing the Younger Stars

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    While I love Cena, Mysterio and Punk, I believe this Rumble should revolve around the idea of establishing new WWE Superstars. Let’s face it; the WWE lost a lot of talent in 2009 and 2010. Jeff Hardy, Batista, Matt Hardy, HBK and Y2J have all departed the WWE.

    Triple H and Undertaker sustained multiple injuries throughout the year and the questions concerning their futures are arising among us.

    Besides that, there’s a lack of main event talent on the WWE roster. RAW has Orton, Cena, Punk and Miz while SmackDown bears Edge, Del Rio, Mysterio, and Ziggler. Guys like Sheamus and Kane have taken a step down since the loss of their respected titles.

    Like I stated in the Morrison slide, something is indeed wrong with the execution of his push. But hey, it’s WWE creative and their insane reasoning behind another Orton/Miz match. The WWE put the Intercontinental Title on Kofi Kingston because Ziggler was stepping up.

    Kingston’s practically flawless besides his always happy attitude.

    It’s time for creative to showcase these newer guys with the Rumble.  The numbers are proving that the current direction is obviously not working out for fans.

Have Miz Retain but Take the Title Off Him Before WM

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    Speaking without any bias, it’s almost time for the WWE to take the title off Miz. While I prefer The Miz over Orton right now because it’s something new, I don’t think Miz is ready to be in the main event at WrestleMania. The falling numbers are my evidence of this.

    The Miz will somehow retain the WWE title Sunday but the only logical thing to do is to have him drop the title at Elimination Chamber.

    Weeks ago, the plan was to have John Cena take on the Miz for the WWE Title in the main event. That match just does not scream main event to me and after the drop in numbers, the WWE should realize it too.

    Miz should drop the title to Orton or Punk in the Chamber and have one take on Cena and Miz in a triple threat at WrestleMania. 

    I prefer CM Punk.

WWE Superstar Who Hasn't Been World Champion Win

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    This is a must have for this event. Creative should book a guy who has yet to win the World title win this match. They’ve got multiple possibilities with guys like Bryan, Del Rio, Morrison, and Christian AND the storyline options are endless. I’ve already developed a ton of ideas for these men.

    Del Rio wins and taunts both champions with his win but withholds his decision on who he intends to face until after Elimination Chamber. Bryan could reenter his feud with Miz while also igniting his planned feud with CM Punk or friendly competition with John Cena.

    Morrison and Miz will continue their storied feud up until WrestleMania with the addition of WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

    Christian’s path is absolutely obvious. Challenge his friend Edge and throw Del Rio in the mix for Vince’s satisfaction.

    Despite my hopes, I firmly believe John Cena will win the Rumble.

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