Vermonter's To Break The Guinness Book Of World Records Longest Baseball Game

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Vermonter's To Break The Guinness Book Of World Records Longest Baseball Game
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The sport of baseball holds a unique place in American sports.

Although the NFL and NASCAR have taken over the television ratings in the past decade, no sport can compete with baseball's deep routed history.

The ballpark, the seventh inning stretch, the full count, the hotdogs, sound of the ball hitting the bat, sunflower seeds; where else can these useless things be glorified?

Lately, people like Barry Bonds have hurt the integrity of the National Pastime and sports agents like Scott Boras make it more about money then the love of the game. We watch primadonna athletes year in and year out complain about contracts, pressure from the fans, salary, etc. 

The game is in turmoil, its rich history that was so evidently rooted in the nation's hearts now resembles something much different.

This July, in a small town in Vermont, a charity group known as the Blue Bulls Corp, will set out to break one of the world's most difficult records: The Guinness Book of World Records Longest Baseball Game in history. This marathon game has been broken and re-broken several times in the past, but the current record holders stand at a lofty 48 hours!  

The event will take place at the Barre Recreation Baseball Field from July 29th to July 31st with the goal set at 55 hours!

The players will be made up of baseball fanatics from across the region and we extend our invitation to the public.

If you are interested in playing for the love of the game and being apart of a historic event please contact us at to reserve a spot!

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