Fujita Fajita, A Sack Full Of Flavor

Paul DavisCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008


Tired of the same, ordinary food?  Looking for excitement while you eat?  Well come on down to the Louisiana Superdome, home of the Scott Fujita powered Fujita Fajita.  Located all over the dome, this juggernaut has been around since 2006 in the New Orleans area.

Starting as an unknown in Kansas City and a brief stint in Dallas, Fujita Fajita has finally found a home to appreciate its style of cooking.  The quality of the food is magnificent, because it marinates all week long to be served out on Sundays.  Though twice this year, Fujita Fajita will be open on Monday nights for its special "Prime Time Platter."

This year, to go along with the regular menu items like "Deep Fried Falcon," "Panther Steak," and "Buccaneer Bisque," Fujita Fajita will be adding four new dishes for your satisfaction. 

"The Niner Diner Style Melt" is a classic with a new twist.  Before, this sandwich was too overbearing and always seemed to leave an appalling taste in your mouth.  Now, Fujita Fajita has given the old rival a new look and a great new taste that pleases the palate.

"Veal Viking" is a recipe from Minnesota that just recently got off running great last year.  This northern dish is prepared by not allowing the favor to be exposed to open air, a recipe that keeps its seasoning grounded.

"Raiders Ribs" was a mainstay first crafted back in Kansas City.  It was something fans always looked forward to, but had been temporarily discontinued since finding a home in New Orleans.  But Fujita Fajita decided to bring this special back and give a great taste of western style to the southern city.

"The Cheesy six-Packers" combines six kinds of Wisconsin style cheese, battered in the Fujita Fajita home seasoning, and fried to perfection. 

And of course, the item that built this top notch establishment is back and better than ever.  The famous Fujita Fajita still has its strong flavor and always leaves you wanting more.  And don't forget to wash it down with an ice cold tradition dating back to 1970.  That's right the famous "Black and Gold Ale" is still available and brewed in the dome.

So come down to Fujita Fajita for some great eats and memorable fun.  Do check ahead of time before coming down to find out the hours of operation.  At Fujita Fajita, you're always a fan, a friend, and part of the nearly 70,000 members of the family.