Week 2 NFL Predictions: The Beginning of The Cassel Era

James StarkCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

Last week I wrote how idiotic my picks appeared to be, and indeed they were. In the first week of every NFL season, the outcomes are nearly impossible to predict. In week 1 I stated, T.O. would go home crying, Detroit would wallop the Falcons, Texans winning in OT, Tom Brady would be fine, and Chargers would win by 34. Not so good predictions, eh?

Now that week 2 has come to be, I have a bit more of an understanding what teams have the advantages. Hope I don't seem as pathetic this week. For week 2 the visiting teams will win most of the games.

Tennessee 21  Cincinati 20        Impact Player- Chris Johnson

Cincy looked god-awful last week, and expect more of the same. Although Vince Young is having some issues, Collins is probably the better quarterback under center.

Green Bay 34  Detroit 20            Impact Player- Greg Jennings

Mike Turner ran over Detroit, and Jennings will run right past them this time. Look for Rodgers' comfort zone to be better, by taking more risks down field. Kitna and Detroit's young receivers will put up a fight against the veteran savvy secondary of Green Bay.

Oakland 17  Kansas City 14        Impact Player- Michael Huff

I still think Oakland is a very talented despite their dismal performance at Mile High Stadium. However, don't expect a very precise game from either team. Turnover frenzy in K.C.

New York Giants 28  St. Louis 7    Impact Player- Eli Manning

Whatever happened to the Rams?

Super Bowl champ beats the worst team with ease. Manning puts out a solid effort, along with a great run game by Jacobs.

Indianapolis 21  Minnesota 17   Impact Player- Peyton Manning

As well has little brother Eli, Peyton will have a multi-TD game. Peyton did look less than impressive last week, but the Vikings secondary will make him feel better.

I could see this game going either way. Indy couldn't control Matt Forte, it will be even harder with Adrian Peterson. A better pass rush from Minnesota could potentially send the Colts home without a W.

New Orleans 38   Washington 21    Impact Player- Drew Brees

Two years age, the Saints battled the Bears in the NFC championship game. Neither of them made the playoffs the next season. I believe New Orleans is back to prime form this season, and the offense will be dynamic with or without Colston. Campbell will put up good numbers, but not good enough.

Carolina 21  Chicago 17     Impact Player- Jake Delhomme

This is my Game of the Week.Here's another game I look forward to watching. Not many people picked either one of these teams to win last week, and I'm included. Carolina beat a better team at this point, while Chicago played well all around at Indy. Delhomme looked quite sharp in San Diego, but neither team will put up spectacular numbers.

Delhomme wins in dramatic fashion again.

Buffalo 17  Jacksonville 14    Impact Player- Marshawn Lynch

If Trent Edwards can have another solid game, watch for the Bills run game to open up more. Garrard looked less than impressive last week but I really don't expect more of the same. Garrard is a very conservative, mistake free quarterback, and consecutive bad outings are unlikely. This game will be boring to most. Run, run, run, and good defenses is to be expected.

San Fransisco 34  Seattle 24    Impact Player- Frank Gore

Even though both offenses struggled last week, the chance of scoring is better this week. Seattle's defense has looked dull as of yet, including last year's playoff lost to Green Bay. Frank Gore will have a monstrous day, and Hasselbeck will exploit the 49ers secondary. Both teams will find an easier time scoring, specifically San Fran.

Atlanta 24  Tampa Bay 13   Impact Player- Michael Turner

I realize I'm trying not to make such idiotic picks, but it's my nature. Now that Garcia has been benched, I don't see Griese making any statements. Garcia is easily the most under appreciated quarterback in the league, and I feel sorry for him.

Atlanta made a statement to the league how good their offense really is. I understand that they played Detroit, and now a much better defense in Tampa. It's at Tampa, a playoff team taking on a terrible team, but for some reason I believe that the Falcons will start out 2-0, while Tampa will fall to 0-2.

New England 28  New York Jets 21   Impact Player- Randy Moss

Here's a game where the vast improved Jets will be taking on the slightly faltered Patriots. I still don't think the Jets are good enough to beat the Patriots, at home or not. Matt Cassel will have an easy time throwing it up to Moss, while Favre will have another great statistical game. It's hard for me to pick against my hero, but the Jets haven't convinced me yet. Considering they barely beat a one-win team from last season.

Arizona 23  Miami 6    Impact Player- Kurt Warner

Personally, this game isn't really worth watching. Miami is still a bad team, while Arizona isn't all that great either. However, Kurt Warner, Fitzgerald, and Boldin will really make the 'Fins seem bad.

San Diego 38  Denver 31   Impact Player- LaDainian Tomlinson

Denver's offense was impressive against a good defense, while the Chargers looked less than impressive. Expect a shootout between both teams. Any team with L.T. as the upper hand advantage. L.T. runs all over at Mile High like he normally does.

Cleveland 28  Pittsburgh 27    Impact Player- Braylon Edwards

Cleveland's performance against Dallas was lack-luster. The Steelers' performance was the opposite. Why do I pick Cleveland? Three words, The Dog Pound. Yes, I do understand it was at "The Dog Pound" last week also, however my instincs tell me to stick with the Browns for the second straight week.

Dallas 27  Philadelphia 20      Impact Player- Tony Romo

Dallas was unstoppable last week, and so were the Eagles. Romo played exceptional, McNabb played better. Here are two reasons, well.......actually three reasons why the 'Boys come out victorious. It's in Dallas, Cowboys played a lot better team, and I just traded for Tony Romo in my fantasy football league. Despite Rome being on my team, the Cowboys will play good.

Houston 21  Baltimore 10    Impact Player- Andre Johnson

A big bounce back is expected from Houston this week. Prime time game in Houston might give Flacco the Jitters. Andre Johnson will have a huge game and Flacco will give the ball away too often.

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