Keegan Could Make A Shock Return To Newcastle

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst ISeptember 12, 2008

The latest episode of North EastEnders has thrown up a shocking finale! In a day when Paul Ince was heavily backed and favoured to take the Toon hotseat, the twist was that Mike Ashley was down in London with Kevin Keegan thrashing out a way for our now twice former manager to return!

You really couldn't write this stuff!

Ten days ago reports surfaced that Special K had been sacked after persistant rumours, the failure to take training and a lack of a statement from Newcastle. This was denied in the evening but only then did we learn KK had an almightly fight with Derek Llambias.

Nine days ago after those reports detailing the fight emerged, bookmakers stopped taking bets on Keegan becoming the first managerial casuality. The fans bombareded SJP and backed our gaffer and made themselves clear about who's side they were on.

Eight days ago it was confirmed, Keegan had resigned, sighting interference from the club over transfer targets. Although at that stage he was spared the title of "First Manager To Leave" after Alan Curbishley left for similar reasons.

There seemed no way back for our beloved club at that stage, the club and Keegan became embroiled in a war of words that did nobody any good. Gus Poyet was quickly installed as favourite for the job and that seemed to sum up Mike Ashley's ambition.

The fans let Ashley know exactly what would happen now that he had fired KK, an indefinate boycott of Newcastle merchandise and Ashely's Sports Direct franchise.

Perhaps he has realised the mess that his henchmen Llambias and Wise put him in, although if Keegan does return Wise and Llambias must be on their way out of SJP. KK has already stated he can't work in the European format so if Ashley is meeting Keegan then you can be sure the former has backed down.

This is yet another drama on Tyneside but I'm willing to accept being the headline on every sports website and SkySportsNews (yet again...) because it could mean the return of Keegan.

We did say the only way KK would be back was if the Indian's took control of the club, but when they denied the possibilty of taking Newcastle over and with that went any chance of Keegan returning...or so we thought.

For in the final act of this maddness or North EastEnders, it is revealed to us Keegan could infact be returning to Newcastle.

I can't wait for tomorrow's show but for now "The King Is Dead But He's Back From The Dead!"