Qualifying Rained Out Again, Time For a Change

Mitchell HallCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

This just in: rain has canceled qualifying for the second week in a row. 


This got me thinking about the flawed portions of the rule book when it comes to starting position after rain. 


Don't get me wrong, Kyle Busch is my driver, and I like nothing better than him starting on the pole. But, I wonder if NASCAR could do it differently and increase drama for the Chase. 


On many dirt tracks that I used to visit, they would invert the field for the main event, making the eventual winner work for it. I know it would be impossible for NASCAR to implement such a move on the entire field, but why not use it on the Top 12. 


In other words, let all drivers draw for starting spots. But, the top 12 in points automatically get the first 12 picks for pit spots. The top 12 drivers then start shotgun on the field. 


This would place the best at the back. Plus, rather than being handed the advantage of clean air, they would have to fight to get to the front. If it would make more people support the notion, I would even be willing to let Dale Jr. pass cars before the start finish line.


This would allow the drivers to show their skills and prove they are championship material. Plus, drivers not in the Chase would have a chance to shine for a while. All drivers not in the top 12 could have a chance to sell their sponsors an alternative to the Chase. 


The top 12 would have the advantage of the best pit stalls, and would be forced to use strategy to get to the front. 


No matter how you slice race distances (500 laps or 500 miles), the races are long, giving teams and drivers adequate time to get to the front. This could even help out NASCAR's ratings against football for the last 10! 



This is obviously just a rant, because I know it will never happen, but I feel pretty sure it would ignite some excitement for the last 10 races. I would bet we will see a lot more rain canceled qualifying sessions in the last 10, giving the top 12 their easy ride. This would contribute more to the lack of wins by non-chase drivers. 


Tell me what you think about it!