Sports Myths That Are Proven True

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIApril 6, 2011

Sports Myths That Are Proven True

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    American sports and sports in general have a colorful history of triumphs, glory and defeat. The Gladiators fought epic battles in the Colosseum in Rome. 

    An epic miracle on ice occurred when Herb Brooks led a team of amateur and collegiate players in defeating the mighty Soviet team while also winning the gold.

    The Yankees broke in their new stadium by winning the 2009 World Series, just as their forefathers did in the old Stadium's inaugural season.

    We all know that sports are littered with iconic moments, heartbreaking defeats and various sportsmen stepping to the plate to be heroes.

    Myths are the one thing that is sure to be found in every sport in the world. Like when Babe Ruth hit a "called shot" home run in the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs or that a NFL player can't lose his job because of injury.  

    A lot myths are proven to be just stories that take a life of their own, to the point when many beloved it to be fact, but in reality, they are untrue.

    There are also myths that are true, but take on mythical qualities to where it unbelievable to the point where people will shrug it off as a sports folk tale.

    The myths in the upcoming slides are proven true, damn true and if you doubt me then you're very welcome to prove that the myth to be false!

Ralph Neves Comes Back from the Dead

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    Now once some one is declared dead we can be pretty sure of the physician's word. Unless you're somehow magically stuck in one of George Romero's zombie flicks, people do not just come back to life and walk among the living.

    We all heard cases of people dying in hospitals but then coming back to life, which have been coined as near-death experiences. You have extraordinary technology and intellectual physicians and nurses at hand in those cases.

    Ralph Neves had none of that as his motionless body was brought to the track’s first aid room at Bay Meadows Racecourse.

    On May 8t, 1936, Ralph Neves was racing his third race of the day what was to be a tournament. His magnificent horse went by the name Fannikins.

    In this particular race, Neves was in fifth place and was frantically trying to take control of the lead. Suddenly, after Neves took a turn, one of the horse from the outside fell against the horse beside it which chaos ensues. 

    Neves' horse dumped him onto the track and to the spectators' horror, the horse fell upon him.  Track physicians rushed to his aid as the spectators looked on with stunned looks while secretly praying for him to be well.

    A pick-up truck arrived to carry Neves to the first aid room where he was pronounced dead. The tragic news was announced to the crowd. 

    This is where the story gets a bit mystical as some claim he came back in the hospital or he emerged from the track aid room, it's unclear which.

    The one thing that is agreed on is that Neves was given shot of adrenaline directly into his heart. Some claim he awoke after a few moments from receiving the injection or came back sometime in the next twenty minutes.

    Neves went straight back to the track to continued to race which surprised everyone as at that point, as they accepted he was dead. The crowd went from stunned to excited as they started to follow, which Neves later stated, "“At one point, I think everyone on the damn track was chasing me.”

    Officials gave him the rest of the day off from racing and ordered him to stay at the nearest hospital and pending the approval of a physician could continue racing the next day.

    The myth claims that Neves won all the next day's races, which is untrue, BUT he did win enough second-place finishes to capture the title.

    It is true that he was declared dead that day but the story has been embellished to the point where the details are uncertain and that the only sure credible witness was Neves' own valet.

    The physician at hand must of made a mistake, as Neves could have been knocked out or in a coma-like state of some sort where the adrenaline awoke him.

Frustrated Golfer Dies by the Hands of His Own Golf Club

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    The chances of someone dying from their own golf club might sound ridiculous at first, as it sounds like one of those lame golf jokes that get passed around the course between fellow golfers.

    Hell, I thought golfers getting attacked by an alligator on a course in Florida had a higher chance of happening then getting killed by your own golf club!  

    Apparently this myth is true has there has been a confirmed case of a golfer getting frustrated and by venting his frustrations on the club itself led to his death.

    In 1994, a teenager by the name of Jeremey Brenno was at the time playing golf at Kingsboro Golf Club.

    He missed a shot at the sixth hole which apparently angered him to the point where he wanted to take his frustration out on his No. 3 Wood gold club by smashing it against a bench.

    Unfortunately for Brenno, the shaft broke, which then bounced back to him, piercing his heart.

    The case with Jeremey Brenno makes the myth true, but interestingly enough his death was not the only death caused by a golf clubs.

    In 2005, there were been two deaths caused by golf clubs.

    One of the incidents was the 15-year-old Rafael Naranjoc happening upon a five iron in a street and decided to playfully swing it against a fire hydrant. Sadly the shaft broke off and got stuck in his neck.

    The other case was 12-year-old Chandler Hugh who died at the Dogwood Hill Club by falling on a broken golf club which went through his chest and pierced his aorta.

    Back in 1951, Edward Harroson was playing a round of golf at Inglewood when the shaft of his driver broke and pierced his groin.

    He had to suffer a brutal 100 yards of staggering for help before collapsing to his demise due to bleeding to death.

    This myth has is a dark reminder not to play around foolishly with golf clubs at any time! 

Soccer Team Scores Its Own Goal to Advance in a Cup Match

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    Well, in this case, I have found video that is proof that this myth is so very true.

    Why would a team score on its own goal? Well apparently they needed to in order to proceed into the next match to a stickler of a rule.

    The Barbados needed two goals in order to advance into the next round. If the Barbados did not get a two goal gap then Grenada would have proceeded into the finals.

    Barbados was leading 2-0 then at the 83rd minute Grenada scored which made the score 2-1. With Barbados needing a 2-point lead in order to get into the finals and with only three minutes left of the game it seemed that Grenada would be advancing.

    Someone on the Barbados came up with an ingenious idea of scoring their own goal to tie the game to overtime as a way to attempt to gain the two-point lead.

    Grenada players realized what was happening suddenly and frantically started to score their own goal but the Barbados players were a step ahead as they defended their opponent's goal.

    Barbados ultimately won the match and proceeded to the finals, leaving their stunned opponents behind.

    Obviously, this situation would have been avoided if someone did not decided to make a two-point lead rule and to make a two-point lead including overtime acceptable.

    I believe this would never occur in the FIFA World Cup or any other well known Cup tournament.

Philadelphia Eagles Fans Throw Snowballs at Santa

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    Who could possibly hate jolly Santa Claus? Hating on a guy who gives gifts to children all around the world is just wrong! Well apparently Eagles fan missed the memo, as they once booed and threw snowballs at Santa.

    There was a lot of factors that led to the snowball attack on Santa. The incident took place on Dec. 15, 1968, at the old Franklin Field.

    For those of you who are knowledgeable with your football history then you know that the Eagles at that time sucked as a team as they went into the game standing 2-11. Those two lone victories were won late in the season.

    Then you had faithful fans coming to watch a lousy team in very lousy weather. It was snowing non-stop since the day before and 20 degrees with the wind being a nuisance. Those were the key ingredients for Santa to go from jolly to screaming bloody murder from a hail of snowballs.

    Legend says the original Santa was unable to arrive due to the weather or due to jolly Saint Nick being VERY drunk. So the halftime show without Santa would make 54,000 fans even more agitated. So what was the solution? Pick a fan out of the crowd already dressed as Santa.

    The poor guy had to walk around the field in dicey weather to attempt to entertain the fans in attendance.  Someone threw a snowball, which triggered a domino effect, where fans were taking out their anger of the hellish season on some guy in a Santa suit.

    Now you can pass this off as a tale that fan retold to the point where people believed it, but to erase all doubts, you should look up an article written by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Frank Dolson, who writes on the event itself.

Wrestler Gives Nazi Salute to a German Crowd at WWE House Show

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    Pro wrestling has so many myths and legends that it's very hard to even separate truth from fact. Some of it is true, while a lot of it is total BS. But these myths add an extra layer of entertainment, as it's food for thought.

    Now JBL has some interesting myths that are proven and are for better and for worse unproven.

    It's been proven as fact that JBL was a widely known as a locker-room bully, as he kicked out the current WWE champion The Miz from the locker room due to getting food on JBL's clothing.

    There a myth that I happened upon a few years ago where Brian Christopher was tied up in the shower fully naked with none other then JBL rubbing baby oil on him threatening to rape him....Spanky, Paul London, and Shannon Moore have been put through similar tactics of bullying. 

    The Nazi salute at a house show (non-televised-ED.) in Germany is proven true, as JBL did the salute to the crowd as a way to gain heel heat. JBL confirmed this in a interview with the Washington Post in which he stated:

    "I'm a bad guy [on WWE TV]. I'm supposed to incite the crowd. I've done [the Nazi salute] for decades. I really didn't think anything of it.

    "I know how bad it is, I've lived [in Germany]. I've been to Dachau, seen those places where they exterminated millions of Jews. I draw the line between me and my character. That's like saying Anthony Hopkins (who portrays Hannibal Lecter) really enjoys cannibalism."