Changes: NASCAR Drivers Must Choose What Championship To Run For In 2011

Daniel HarmonContributor IJanuary 10, 2011

keselowski must chose to repeat or run for the Sprint Cup.
keselowski must chose to repeat or run for the Sprint Cup.Jason Smith/Getty Images

Most people expected NASCAR to make a move to change the system in its Nationwide Series. It was announced today that they have made that change.

Drivers have previously been able to run races in the top three series without restriction. The races they won would allow them to gain points in the championship standings.

The problem the old system caused was the runaway title runs by Sprint Cup Series drivers in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Since 2006, the Nationwide champion has been a double-duty driver. Many have complained that NASCAR needed to do something to help the Nationwide series teams in the championship.

The solution is to have the drivers select in which series they are going to run for the championship. Whatever series the driver selects will be the series that the driver earns points for in the driver points standings. What it truly means is that drivers running for the Sprint Cup are ineligible to win the Nationwide or Camping World Truck Series Championship. The drivers must mark off what series they are running for the championship in before the season starts.

It is uncertain how the change will affect how points awarded on a weekly basis. NASCAR will answer such questions about the changes in an upcoming statement sometime next week.

For the time being, we have seen the last of the Cup drivers dominating the Nationwide points. You may run all three series, but you can only win one championship.