Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech: Which One Will Come Out on Top?

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

Tomorrow afternoon, Virginia Tech will take on Georgia Tech, in what may be the biggest indicator of how each team will fare for the rest of the season.

Controversy has surrounded Virginia Tech all week, with head coach Frank Beamer calling on anyone who may know more than Bryan Stinespring, Virginia Tech's offensive coordinator, to come by his office an interview.

If you don't, he will continue listening to Stinespring, so hopefully someone who knows how to move the ball on offense stopped by.

His biggest concern should be who's starting at quarterback.  There has still been no official word, but rumors are still circulating that Tyrod Taylor will be the quarterback who starts and plays for most of the game.

That's fine and all, but Taylor is going to have some trouble moving the ball in his first start of the season against the best defensive line in the ACC.

Vance Walker and Darryl Richard will lead the push for the Georgia Tech defensive line, and with Michael Johnson and Derrick Morgan on either side of them, it's going to be a tough task for the Virginia Tech offensive line to keep these four out of the offensive backfield all day.

If Virginia Tech does come out running a different type of offense, I doubt it will work this week.  It takes a while for new offenses to work well, especially a young offense.

Going off of last week's performance, I'm not expecting Taylor to throw the ball too many times.  The offense is going to live primarily on the ground with Taylor, Kenny Lewis and Darren Evans, but if the blocking is bad up front that's going to be nearly impossible to do. 

If the Yellow Jacket defense can force the Hokie offense to put the ball in the air, and Taylor is the one under center, Virginia Tech will be in a severe amount of trouble.

Looking at the other side of the ball, the defense is going to have to limit the big plays from the Georgia Tech offense.  Last week, Georgia Tech only had 235 total yards, and only 73 of those came through the air.  If the Hokie defense can't tackle tomorrow afternoon, the game will be over before it starts. 

Virginia Tech's run defense is going to have to be the best they've been all season.  Orion Martin is the only player on the Virginia Tech defense to record a sack so far this season.  This is unacceptable. 

The Hokies defensive line has been absolutely dominated so far this season, and they can't afford for this to be the case tomorrow.  The defensive line has to push the O-line of Georgia Tech tomorrow in order to stop the run effectively.

Expect this game to be low scoring, with a lot of running on both offenses.  Whichever team wins the battle on defense and special teams will be the team that wins.  Look for Victor "Macho" Harris to see some action on offense tomorrow. 

The player who will have the biggest effect for the Hokies is Harris.  He should be at 100 percent, and the defense will need his leadership and playmaking ability in order to stop the option-run offense of Georgia Tech.  Also, look for Harris on offense and special teams to provide big plays for the Hokies.

For Georgia Tech be on the lookout for the two defensive ends, Morgan and Johnson.  Morgan leads the team in sacks, and Johnson is a freakish athlete.  These two players have to be controlled for the Hokies to have any success offensively.

Look for Virginia Tech to win by three late, because of good defensive and special teams play.  This game is a toss up, and I won't be surprised if Georgia Tech comes out on top.

Hokies 13, Yellow Jackets 10