The Decision 2.0: Former WWE Star Matt Hardy Going to TNA is Genius

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJanuary 10, 2011

Hardy trying to shake hands with RVD
Hardy trying to shake hands with RVD

Now I'm not going to say I am all for the Matt Hardy we've seen in 2010. Some of the things he did was flat out nuts, but at least we know he did them just to get out of his WWE contract. I heard grumblings over Hardy wanting out of his WWE deal toward the end of 2009.

When I heard this I thought to myself, well why? Hardy was in the legit most popular wrestling promotion on planet Earth!

But thing is, was he even seeing his hard work pay off? After all the man did for the WWE; just because he gained some pounds simply because of a stomach issue he had, he wasn't allowed to hold titles or main event? Seriously?!?

I'll be honest, as a fan of the Hardys of old, I was a huge supporter of Matt. And seeing his job given to guys less deserving made me unhappy. I was starting to switch the channel when Matt was on. Not because I didn't like the guy, but because I hated the situation.

It's like seeing your son succeed one minute, yet watching him fail the next. You know it's gonna happen, that he can't always win everything. You're not prepared for it whatsoever.

Seeing this one time winner go through loss after loss when you know he is better than that is really hurtful. Not just to him, but to all his fans who supported him over the years. Matt said one thing in a youtube video that made a ton of sense.

He said, "I can step off any plane in the world in any country that has access to wrestling, and they will know who I am". He's a star, case in point. The man needed to go somewhere else, somewhere that could at least use him somewhat respectfully.

Let's be honest, Hardy, last time we saw him on TV, was an out of shape man who needed to get help to lose the pounds he didn't need.

He looked out of it, like he didn't want to be there and that he just didn't care anymore. Where was the Hardy of 2008? The one who looked to be a future main event star?

He was under there somewhere, and he needed to come out. Last night at TNA Genesis, that man came out as Rob Van Dam's mystery opponent. I really liked what I saw automatically with Hardy. He kept his same social networking gimmick and at the same time had a new haircut.

Well maybe the hair wasn't cut, more so Awesome Kong-like braided.

But we also saw a very in shape Hardy too. And he also looked very good in the ring against RVD. Lets take nothing away from RVD though. The man can sell as good as anyone out there. Why do you think everyone wanted to work with him in WWE?

This was Hardy 2.0 out there. The man, who we saw look terrible on TV wrestling late last year, now completely changed himself. I reported here how he looked to have lost almost 60 lbs. And I may have not been far off if you saw him last night.

He looked like the Hardy of old while still being somewhat different, but a good different.  Hardy's character is also something that will be appealing to me. The social networking like man will be interesting, but I think there is more to him.

If you read his lips at the start of the match, he said to RVD, "I'm not my brother". Almost as if he was trying to say, we're not the same, so don't treat me like I am. RVD didn't care, as he attacked Hardy to officially start the match. Hardy eventually went on to win the match, but in controversial fashion.

It is yet to be determined if Matt is an Immortal. But with Jeff Hardy most likely going to jail soon, Matt could take his little brother's spot in the main event picture. Either that or put AJ Styles or Abyss in his place. Eh, Hardy's a former WWE name, so he'll get the nod most likely. Hey, I'm thinking like TNA people, personal feelings aside here.

If you ask me, Matt may be the most interesting man in the world come this Thursday night.

But for those of you who saw the PPV, what did you think of Matt's TNA debut?