The Spurrier Watch Is On............Who Cares?

Ryne E. HancockCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

As a kid, when I thought of Steve Spurrier, the two things that came to my mind were visors and winning, something that he did quite often during his time at Florida including the national championship season of 1996 when he had Heisman-winner Danny Wuefferel running the offense.

For a time, it seemed as if Spurrier, like Bear Bryant at Alabama and Frank Broyles at Arkansas, would coach the Gators forever or in other words, coach long enough to have his name on the stadium.

That is, until he believed that the Washington Redskins were a perfect fit for another one of his rebuilding jobs, similar to the ones he did at Duke and Florida.

And after two uneventful seasons in Washington, Spurrier trades in "Chocolate City" for the dreaded "Chicken Curse" that has plagued the University of South Carolina for years.

But unlike what has happened at both Florida and Duke with Spurrier, the Gamecocks, since he's taken over in Columbia, have been a mere shadow of his great teams at Florida.

In four seasons at South Carolina, Spurrier has kept the Gamecocks in neutral, although last season the Gamecocks, for all intents and purposes, were in contention for the school's first BCS bowl bid until a school called Vanderbilt humbled them and sent them on a season-ending slide of epic proportions and in the process leaving them home for the holidays.

Talk about fall from grace.

In Spurrier's tenure at Florida, he never lost to Vanderbilt. In fact the last the Commodores defeated the Gators, Ronald Reagan was in the White House and I was all of 4 years old.

Since coming to Columbia, the Gamecocks are 2-2 against the Commodores, which for some reason is about stunning as my loss to my friend Aimee in basketball last spring, although unlike my loss in basketball to my friend, they didn't let the Commodores beat them.

Vanderbilt was just the better team.

For some odd reason, Spurrier, like Lou Holtz and Paul Dietzel before him, had no idea that South Carolina football was going to be this frustrating.

Too bad, because he spent much of his time at Florida running off at the mouth and figured that he could do the same in Columbia.

Karma can be a huge thorn in the side.