Boston Bruins Need an Immediate Wake-Up Call: The Time To Change Is Now!

Shawn OwensAnalyst IOctober 30, 2016

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Bruins are good; they just aren't elite.  They can beat any team on any night; they just can't beat teams night in and night out. 

They have some players that are keeping them in it.  Tim Thomas, for one, is the only reason the Bruins are still in the hunt.  Too bad he couldn't score goals for the Bruins as well.

Captain Zdeno Chara.  I know he plays like 400 minutes a game but his production level is no where to be found.  He is lifeless; take that back, he decided to get into it as soon as the game ended last night, 60 minutes too late.

Marc Savard.  I have been thinking a lot about him lately.  I believe it is time the Bruins get rid of him.  He is not the player that is worth the salary anymore.  I would think this would be a mandate from the President of the company, Cam Neely, to GM Peter Chiarelli that it is time to trade the player that isn't performing.  Savard is dragging players down with him as well.

Milan Lucic.  Had a lot of up side in the beginning of the season and now has come up on a slow to stop pace.  Is it a coincidence that he stopped performing when Savard jumped on his line? 

Nathan Horton is in the above category as well.  He has no chemistry with Savard on that line and, in turn, is hurting the production on Lucic and Horton.  Now, Horton is right on par with how he was in Florida as well—the best player on days that he shows up.  Invisible on days he is supposed to be on the ice, wait, he was on the ice?  Either way, he needs to get more consistent quickly.

Michael Ryder.  What is up with you?  You are supposed to be a sniper?  You can't seem to hit the water if you were in a boat.  Taking up space with a pretty hefty contract.  Veterans are to supposed to lead their teams.  Could be a reason the Bruins are reeling...NO LEADERSHIP!

David Krecji.  Interesting because a lot of people anointed him as the top centerman on this team.  Why?  He was a descent player in the AHL with Providence, came up and played well enough to make the team.  He played in the playoffs last year and did well until he got hurt.  Since then, where have you been?  Time to make a name for yourself or you will be worth a good trade come deadline day.

The 4th line—or should we say the Energy Line.  Is it wrong that the most consistent line on the team is Campbell, Marchand and Thornton.  Combined, their salaries are about twenty dollars?  And they come in every night and provide the spark for this team.  Can't even make the playoffs if your 4th line is your top line.  Keep up the Great work boys you are the only players worth mentioning lately.

So what does this all mean?  GM Peter Chiarelli really needs to look at his team to decide who should stay and who needs to go.  NOW!  If you want to even make the playoffs, you will need to make your players much more feared in the league.  No one is afraid of anyone on the Bruins in the NHL.  That won't even get you in the may not even get you another year in the organization!