Alright Eagles Fans, Whose Head Do We Want On a Silver Platter This Year?

Chris ReisContributor IJanuary 10, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles secondary coach Sean McDermott directs the defense  against the Dallas Cowboys November 14, 2005 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 21 - 20.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Yet again my beloved Eagles have let me down after such high hopes going into the playoffs.

Losing their last two going into the playoffs, giving up the bye week, and then falling in the first game at home against a injury filled Green Bay Packers team is not how I would have wrote the ending to this roller coaster ride of a season.

I would have wrote it ending with Eagles players looking into Jerry Jones press box holding up their middle fingers as they just won the Super Bowl in the Dallas Cowboys stadium. But hey, what can you do?

So now it's most Eagles fans prime time part of the season, where no matter how much you followed the team this season you want to stand in the middle of the streets calling for someones head to be the next one on their way out of Philadelphia.

Most years in the past it has been Donovan McNabb or Andy Reid, but with McNabb gone Reid will take most of the anger this offseason.

But does he really deserve any of it? I don't think so.

He took the Eagles back to the playoffs once again behind the arm of a quarterback whom he and his assistants crafted to become the starting Pro bowl quarterback. He held the team together, and kept Desean Jackson's mouth shut when everyone thought he would be yelling contract extension. And most importantly he kept this Eagles team respected around the league and made opposing defenses scared of the high powered young offense he had.

Now if it's not Reid who should be thrown under the bus then who should it be? In Philadelphia someone always has to be under the bus at the end of a season or the world just wouldn't be right.

If you ask me I say it's time to get rid of defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

In 2008, Jim Johnson's last year as defensive coordinator the Eagles finished third in the league in total yards allowed, allowing just over 4,300 yards. This year they were ninth and allowed almost 6,000 yards.

With just two years difference the Eagles quickly fell from a top ranked defense, to a defense little kids can point and laugh at.

Yes, some players were different and the Eagles had a lot of rookies, but they were a more athletic bunch this year than past years with the addition of Ernie Simms and the return of Stewart Bradley after his season ending knee injury last year.

Yet this defense couldn't get the job done, I think due to the fact that they weren't put in the right places at the right time.

The biggest and possibly most obvious reason for my calling of McDermott's head is the Eagles defense in the red zone. Guys would be letting fullbacks and slot guys come open all season. It is mainly because of poor zone calls by McDermott.

If the Eagles would run a zone where they simply kept corners low on the edges and had the safeties move in to help in coverage, I can almost bet my life that they would have stopped at least a quarter of the touchdowns they allowed in the red zone.

This season the Eagles only stopped a team in the redzone from scoring one time. Yes, I said one time. Jacksonville had a fourth down play late in the game that they couldn't convert. Every single other time when a team entered the red zone, they left with points. 77 percent of the time it was a touchdown.

How can a coordinator that can't get the right people in the games to stop a team even 25 percent of the time be kept coaching a team.  

Some people may say, what else is out there?

I would love to see the Eagles go out and get John Fox as a defensive coach. Before becoming the Panthers head coach he was the New York Giants defensive coordinator from 1997-2001.

During his time with the Giants he had three years where his defense was a top 10 defense in points allowed and yards allowed.

He also spent two years as the defensive coordinator with the Raiders, so the guy has some good experience coming in. Fox runs the 4-3 defense so things wouldn't really change they would just get better.

So there is my opinion as a concerned Eagles fan. I had to call for someones head and the only logical choice is Sean McDermott.

Let's just hope the Eagles agree with me and don't do anything stupid with Reid.