Matt Hardy: The Veteran Going to TNA Is Just Destroying His Legacy More

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2011

Matt Hardy was one of the most respected names in the business a couple of years ago; now, the star and his brother, TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy, have ruined themselves!

Here is a list of all the controversial things the pair have been involved in:

  • Weight problems (Matt)
  • Drug problems (Jeff and apparently Matt)
  • Alleged obsession with previous girlfriend Lita (Matt)
  • Posting insulting videos on YouTube and making bizarre comments (Jeff and Matt)
  • Drug trafficking (Jeff)

They are just some of the very controversial matters the duo have been involved in over the years they have been in the business.

Matt Hardy was one of WWE's most decorated stars before he joined the mass exodus of stars (Shawn Michaels, Dave Batista, MVP, Kaval, Chris Jericho and others).

Matt has won the ECW Title and US Championship, as well as over seven Tag Team titles.

There was also the Cruiserweight Title, and Matt even defeated former World Champion Rey Mysterio once in defending that title.

The Cruiserweight Championship is now, however, defunct.

If Matt does join TNA tonight and debut at Genesis as the mystery opponent versus Rob van Dam, this is just going to damage his career further.

He will be hated for getting a push and talked about more than deserving stars who have taken a back seat, like Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe (injury or not),  Hernandez and Eric Young, among many more.

Matt will be compared to the likes of Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff, who have been described as "greedy, selfish and very arrogant".

So now I ask: do you think Hardy will debut tonight? And what are your thoughts on whether he does or not?

Thanks for reading, Jonny Cooney!