Fighting Talk From Lewis

Sam ThompsonContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

I've just got up and read the Daily Express (terrible paper I know, but my family seem adamant on buying it) and after flicking through the back pages I found what I was after, some F1 "news".


I'm not going to re-write the article as it's mainly going on about the Spa dilemma, but there are some interesting quotes from Lewis. Hamilton seems to be in the habit of making more bold claims these day, I'm sure you all remember the "I will never let anyone pass me on the outside again" line he made before Spa, only to be passed in that very manner.


So, what did Lewis have to say regarding Kimi's driving, well here it is;


"We had the same amount of grip." Did you really though? I thought the Mclaren worked its front end much harder than the Ferrari, wouldn't this mean he had the better tyre temperatures and the better grip, I'm not sure.


"...That's the way he drives. If you don't have the nerve to brake late, that's your problem. At the end of the day it's the driver who can feel the grip  more and put the car more on the edge." I have to say I agree with Lewis on this point. After all, it was at Monza last year where Lewis stuck it to Kimi by locking up and out braking him for position.


Then there's a load of waffle about what the stewards and their decision, then Lewis ends with this:


"If we can't overtake, there's no point in racing. It won't be a race, it will be a train. I overtake in the best way possible and I feel I am one of the best at doing it."


Man this guy has got a mouth on him these days! He used to be such a quiet young chap. I think F1 needs some more fiery mouthed drivers, no one wants to say anything much these days, except of course Webber—we all know how he felt about Hamilton's driving behind the safety car last year.


But, all—in—all I say good on you Lewis. A few months ago I would've said he was being way too big for his boots, but after some of his recent drives I think he really has proved he is more than just the lucky kid who got the fast car.


The way he overcame Mclaren's nightmare pit plan in Hungary surely silenced his critics in this lads ability to drive, and again in Silverstone showed he is a driver of class.