NFL Scores and Odds: Packers vs. Eagles Against the Spread Preview

Joe DuffyAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2011

Aaron Rodgers hopes to pack a victory in Philly
Aaron Rodgers hopes to pack a victory in PhillyMatthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Packers vs. Eagles wind up the Las Vegas betting line weekend. Philadelphia is -2.5 with a total up to 46.5.

We contrast the vital accomplishment meter exploited by pro bettors against both the college football schedule and in successful NFL picks.

The leader unit in terms of rushing yards per attempt on offense is Philadelphia by 1.7.

In addition on offense, when it comes to yards per reception the information provides the distinction to Green Bay by .5.

Vegas sharps monetize yards per point. Records say the more nimble team in that categorization is Philadelphia by .6.

We will gaze at the opposite side of the line of scrimmage in a jiffy, but who are the top handicappers in football predicting against the spread on this match? The greatest handicapper off all time sweeps the board in the NFL with Seattle and the over, all part of a 5-1 whomping of the bookie. Oklahoma State in college basketball as a Wise Guy wins as well.

Get the Packers-Eagles, Ravens-Chiefs and Boston College-Nevada sides. Four basketball winners added including a Wise Guy on Maryland-Duke. The entire betting card is up.

Defensively on yards per rush, the gap points in favor of Philadelphia by .5.

The more elite team at halting the passing game according to passing yards per completion is Green Bay by .5.

Yards per point determine the tougher defense belongs to Green Bay forcing 6.7 more.

In net turnovers, the incompatibility favors Green Bay by a slim one.

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.


Spread Betting Trends (all records are against the spread)

Green Bay is 6-1 after scoring less than 15 points in their previous game, 16-7 after accumulating less than 90 yards rushing in their previous game and 18-7 as the underdog.

Philadelphia is 7-3 as a favorite of 0.5-3.0. They are 7-3 in the series.


Over/Under Trends

Green Bay has gone under 7-1 on the road, over 18-7 after scoring less than 15 points in their previous game.

Philadelphia over 35-15 to teams with a winning record.