Possible WCW-Influenced WWE Wrestlemania This Year In Atlanta? Prediction

Iqbal SirajContributor IIJanuary 9, 2011

Okay, I know there are way too many articles about a possible WCW-themed Hall of Fame and possible superstars re-appearing for the sports entertainment's version of the Super Bowl. Here are my views on what could be done to make this Wrestlemania a great spectacle for fans around the world.

Firstly, the most important one is: Will Sting step into the WWE for his one and only time ever?

He is touted for a Hall of Fame induction, something he is deserving of due to being a legend that Vince McMahon never made. He was arguably the biggest superstar ever to wrestle and to be made in WCW.

He has won numerous World Titles, some excellent matches and some memorable moments. His passion for wrestling is second to none. He is excellent friends with HHH, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, Undertaker and Kane.

Could those five be an influence in making sure he agrees? Then we have the question: Would he ever agree to wrestle for the first time and last ever match at this year's Wrestlemania?

Now, a possible feud? Could he face Vince McMahon to close the chapter on his wrestling days? Now that could be an intriguing feud, though I don't see McMahon wrestling again.

Then we have the obvious choice, The Undertaker. We all know he is currently injured, and would find it hard to make it back in time for Wrestlemania. But maybe these two don't have to wrestle until the actual day.

Have them do promos, vignettes, have a little interaction, then a big payoff at Wrestlemania. We could see Shawn Michaels back to be in Sting's corner, as retaliation for Undertaker retiring him.

And then the finish? Could Sting beat the Undertaker's streak with a little help from HBK? Or HBK making sure 'Taker's streak stays alive due to either "if I couldn't beat him then nor can you" kind of attitude or cost Sting the match as respect for 'Taker's unbelievable streak?

Now we come to other possibilities. Goldberg is another worldwide superstar WCW made and WWE tried to bury. If HHH comes back ASAP and tries to bury Sheamus, and Goldberg suddenly appears to cost HHH the match for revenge on their previous feud, would make it incredible.

Sheamus can carry on his feud with Morrison, and HHH will have an intriguing story to play along with. Have a massive payoff at Wrestlemania with these two battling out in a No Holds Barred match.

Then we have the likes of Booker T, DDP, etc. In terms of these names, I would love for Booker T to come back, but fight with who you may ask? Answers on a postcard please.

My answer would be anyone because Booker T can wrestle anyone. DDP is old, but I just hope he comes in as a commentator full-time.

In terms of being inducted into the Hall of Fame? Who gives a crap, when people like that man with a parrot and a failed baseball legend are inducted when the likes of Randy Savage, Bruno Sammartino and Mr. T are not inducted?

If it was up to me, for this year I would like them all to be inducted along with the Steiner Brothers, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Arn Anderson.

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.