Friends Worry About WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair

Tim ListAnalyst ISeptember 11, 2008

Colleagues, friends, and former co-workers of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair are expressing great concern after the latest in a wild series of personal problems for Flair has come to light.
The latest incident happened last Friday night, when the legendary grappler was left bloody and battered after a street fight with his 22-year-old daughter Ashley's boyfriend. The boyfriend's identity has not been made known to the public nor the media.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina police responded to a call from Ashley's neighbors about a fight in progress. When the authorities got there, both Flair and Ashley's boyfriend were bloody.
Neither Flair, his daughter, nor the boyfriend would cooperate with police; which led to tensions escalating. Police claim Ashley kicked an officer and was arrested on charges of assault and resisting arrest. Police used a Taser, an electric stun device, to subdue her.
"Everybody had been drinking, and they didn't appear that happy to see the police," said Chapel Hill police Captain Chris Blue. "It sounds like they had a pretty good dust-up."
Flair was photographed by a local Carolina nightlife organization last weekend out on the town with son Reid, with The Nature Boy sporting a horrific black eye. That picture is seen above. Flair, a legendary ladies man, is currently separated from his third wife, Tiffany.
She told a website recently she was letting Ric Flair be Ric Flair.
Doesn't this guy ever step out of character?
"The incidents of the past few days have troubled me," wrote WWE Smackdown announcer Good Ol' JR Jim Ross. "What Ric Flair needs is full time management on an ongoing basis and not just someone to negotiate a fee and book Ric to go somewhere and sign his name. Ric needs someone to help protect Ric from Ric."
Legendary pro wrestling producer and writer Paul Heyman wrote in a recent blog for the Heyman Hustle series in the UK SUN( that Flair's image would be tarnished outside the protective shell of World Wrestling Entertainment.
"Flair deserves better," Heyman said exclusively in the SUN. "Is this how you want to see Flair nowadays? Isn't it just a little uncomfortable? Doesn't it just seem wrong?"