Philadelphia Eagles Must Fire Andy Reid Before He Screws Up In Playoffs Again

WesAnalyst IJanuary 13, 2011

Making a judgement about the Philadelphia Eagles while walking out of Lincoln Financial Field is one of the dumbest things a fan can do.

It doesn't matter if the Eagles win or lose. You will be swept away by your emotions and think the Eagles are either Super Bowl bound or destined to years of misery similar to the Detroit Lions.

Following the Eagles 21-16 Wild Card loss to the Packers I broke the rule.

I sat in my seat while fans clogged the aisle of my section put my head into my glove-covered hands and asked myself why I chose to sit through the mess that unfolded before me.

To be honest, my main frustration stemmed from the fact my wallet was about $200 lighter after I paid for my ticket, parking and a Gatorade.

I was actually pretty calm and surprisingly I was dead sober.

And then it happened.

As I walked down the cattle chute that others call steps at the Linc and crossed Pattison Avenue I told myself repeatedly, "Reid gets one more year and then I'm done."

Do you see why it's foolish to make a decision following a game?

Could I be anymore of an imbecile? I admit it. I said the dumbest thing possible without really thinking things through.

Reid should not be put under the heat of having to prove himself for another season. He's showed us what he has to offer for 12 years. And by this point we know what we're getting and how far he can lead this team.

So after a couple days of thinking I understand the thoughts going through the brain of a rational fan.

Reid should be fired today.

Not tomorrow, not next month, not after next season or in five more years.

Let me repeat it again with a couple different words in case you missed the point.

Andy Reid should be fired immediately.

I finally came to my senses when I broke everything down and allowed Reid apologists to pound on my eardrums with incomplete thoughts and excuses.

There is no way I want Reid to have more time with this young and talented team. It makes no sense to keep him around for this purpose.

If you give him more time he will only make the same dumb decisions except it will occur with a mature group of talented players.

Wait, that sounds familiar doesn't it?

And I am not going to take Reid off the hook because the offensive line was terrible and the defense was a hot mess.

Didn't Reid have an incredible offensive line and defense back in 2002, 2003 and 2004? Am I missing something here or did those all end the same way?

Please don't tell me the Packers were just the better team on Sunday.

When are people going to hold Reid accountable and ask him to beat a team that is better than his at home?

His apologists give him a free pass for home playoff losses to Tampa Bay, Carolina and now Green Bay.

Could Reid have gone into any of those matchups with a better game plan?

The Reid faithful will cry it didn't matter what he did in those games because the glaring weaknesses present in those games were to much to overcome.

Fine. Thanks for digging your own grave.

Isn't Reid the one who brings in the personnel?

Let's go back to that game against Tampa Bay.

The Eagles did not have a wide receiver and their linebackers were suspect. Too bad Reid never addressed either and it cost them the next year against Carolina too.

And now the most recent playoff exit at home taught us the Eagles have squat-ta on the defensive line and can't get pressure on the quarterback.

Unless my mind is still clouded by the frustrating loss, wasn't Reid the one who decided not to aggressively pursue Julius Peppers and instead brought in Darryl Tapp and Marlin Jackson and traded up to get Brandon Graham?

I guess we don't want to hold him accountable for those terrible offseason moves because then we might actually have a reason to fire Reid.

Yes, Reid did bring in Terrell Owens, Jevon Kearse, Jon Runyan, Asante Samuel and brought back Jeremiah Trotter, but those moves would have made a lot more sense before they were exposed by Tampa Bay and Carolina. 

I know, I know.

If Reid were fired today the NovaCare Complext in South Philly may cave in and football may no longer exist. It would be impossible to find another head coach.

I don't need a sexy name like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, or Brian Billick.

There are more than enough coaches out there who can step into this situation and succeed.

I know this because it happens all the time.

How many of you heard of Mike Smith before he coached in Atlanta?

Did everyone out there know Mike Tomlin would win a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh as a head coach?

Was everyone in the know about Raheem Morris before he started his head coaching career in Tampa Bay? Or what about Todd Haley in Kansas City?

Believe me, coaches are all over the place and just because you don't have their name on the tip of your tongue doesn't mean they can't coach.

I'm pretty sure Andy Reid wasn't exactly on the top of everyone's list back in 1999.

Yes, Reid has won more regular season and playoff games, and division titles than any coach in franchise history.

Well here's a little dose of reality: The Eagles franchise pretty much sucks when you look at the big picture. He's not exactly topping Bill Walsh, Chuck Noll or Vince Lombardi.

He's on top of Greasey Neal, Dick Vermeil, Buddy Ryan, Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes.

I'm not really sure what everyone's point is when they talk about Reid's all-time records with the Eagles.

The last time I checked we were supposed to be excited about winning a Super Bowl and not almost getting there.

The reason the Eagles almost get there and never finish off the job falls right back on Reid too.

He will never learn when to run the ball. I'm not asking for him to run a balanced offense. I am asking for him to build a team that can run the ball effectively in short-yardage situations.

It is something his team has never been able to do and it is all Reid's fault.

There was a year Reid went into the season without a fullback and it bit him in his big backside.

This year Reid decided he would try to pick up short yardage out of the pistol or shotgun formation.

What sense does that make?

When the running back takes the handoff, I don't want his first step to go to the side. The running back needs to gain momentum moving toward the offensive line when taking the hand off.

It's never going to change though. None of it.

Reid will always be a year or two late in bringing in the correct personnel, fail to develop a solid game plan to beat superior opponents and never figure out a way to run the ball in key short-yardage situations.

But if you're happy with those fatal flaws, enjoy never winning a Super Bowl.


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