Burial: Moving Wade Barrett to Smackdown Was a Bad Idea

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 8, 2011

Last night may have very well been the beginning of the end for Wade Barrett. Last night on Smackdown, the Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler were involved in a fatal four way match. The match was to determine the no.1 contender to the World Title. The Big Show dominated the majority of the bout.

The climax came when Show was taken out momentarily by the joined efforts of the others. All three men brawled with none getting the upper hand. Only to have the Big Show recovered from the assault and reignited his dominance. Despite the Beautiful Disaster, Zig Zag and Future Shock ddt, the Big Show was able to retain his dominance.

Moments away from a win, Big Show was attacked by Wade Barrett. When I saw Barrett destroying Show, I simply waved the segment off. My opinion was that the WWE just made to huge mistakes. When everything is said and done, Wade Barrett was going to end up on the short end of the stick.

I was in further awe when it was announced that Barrett would take on Big Show next week.

A face-palm moment to say the least and my thoughts were “he had so much potential”.

The first mistake the WWE made was having Barrett move to Smackdown.  They ruined the potential for a great feud on RAW. After Monday’s cage match, you would assume that Barrett would want so revenge for being exiled from his group. Besides that, Punk cost Barrett a no.1 contender’s match.

With John Cena injured, what direction does the WWE have planned or Nexus? Barrett was the only option at the time. A Barrett face turn and an unlikely pairing with Cena would’ve been very interesting. I guess the WWE disagreed with the perfect plan. Honestly, I would’ve loved to see if Barrett could have pulled it off.

I believe he could’ve with the proper angle.

Let’s take a look at the HUGE mistake by the WWE. They decided to set Wade Barrett up in a feud with the Big Show. Remember the last guy that was in a feud with Big Show? His name was CM Punk. Big Show single handedly destroyed the Straight Edge Society and Punk in the process.

Punk was ridiculed and assumed jobber status during the feud.                 

What do you think is in store for Wade Barrett? Honestly, I believe a series of matches with Show that will end in him being on the canvas each time. CM Punk was already an established heel during his feud with Big Show. Already a three time World Champion with a bright future ahead of him, no one would’ve guessed he’d end up bald and a jobber.

Now look at Wade Barrett. He’s only been on the main roster a heel but has made an effective impact. Barrett’s future seemed bright until last night. Remember, Big Show kicked out of three finishers by three devastating Superstars. You call Cena superman?  That title belongs to Big Show after last night.

I’m leaning towards the idea of Barrett moving to Smackdown was for Undertaker. The WWE is setting up the Barrett/Taker feud for Wrestlemania. My opinion on that subject is that Barrett doesn’t seem like a legitimate opponent to the Phenom yet. The guy’s in his first year for God sakes, no one is actually going to consider that he could be Taker.

Whatever the plan is, there’s no way Barrett’s coming out on top in this feud.

Wade Barrett should’ve stayed on RAW and feuded with CM Punk.