Recent History Proves That Gold Pants Win Games For The Saints

Paul DavisCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

Every since New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton has been with the team, the team jerseys have changed a bit. The black jerseys and gold pants for home games and white jerseys and gold pants for away games had been the standard for the team.

On Dec. 3, 2006, in a game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Saints came out onto the field in black jerseys and black pants. From then on the black pants have also been worn with the white jerseys.

Don't get me wrong, the black on black combo is cool for some teams, but unless the Saints have an alternate black helmet to go with the whole ensemble, then it just looks ridiculous. The contrast between the two colors is just ghastly. Also, I'm not sure how "saintly" the black on black actually is. Shouldn't a saint be light or shining?

My friend Jay and I always talk about an all gold collection, with gold helmets, jerseys, and pants. You can't get more "saintly" than all gold. The numbers would still be black, with a white trim and the black stripe would still be on the pants. They could wear it at least once a year, the local media could call it, "Gold Out The Dome." 

People would be encouraged to join in and buy more merchandise like gold shirts, jerseys, hats, etc. This is a money-making scheme yet to be explored.

But let us get back to the point at hand.

From the 2006 season up 'til last week's opening game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Saints are 13-7 in games when they play with gold pants.

Even though we did win a playoff game to send the team to its first NFC Championship game, the Saints are just 8-7 in games where they where black pants.

I personally love the white jersey with the gold pants; it just fits too well not to be used.  Though, I still believe the Saints should keep their helmet and change the jersey back to the retro look, with the white and gold stripes on the sleeves (gold pants of course).  You've probably seen a few people walking around or on TV wearing these jerseys. 

The last time we wore retro jerseys was back in 2002, against the Buccaneers during a prime-time Saturday game. The Saints won 23-20 that day, and the retro jerseys have yet to return since.

If the Saints want to keep winning and stay in the division, make the playoffs, and possibly win the Super Bowl, they must do it in gold pants! Otherwise, we could just be a lost team in the void of our own jersey's darkness.