You Don't Realize What You Have Until it's Gone: Why WWE is Missing its Animal

The Bleacher Report AssassinContributor IJanuary 8, 2011

Greetings, Bleacher Reporters and Writers. There have been many greats in the world of wrestling, some of which have left their mark by various ways, for reasons good and bad.

They leave such a mark that some fans dream of returns for them in various scenarios, even if these are a "one-night only" return.

Earlier today, when I was playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, I was looking through the members of the rosters who have either been released or moved on. Cue "the Animal" Dave Batista.

I was shocked to see Batista for the first time in months. I hadn't realized he was even in the game until this moment. I am far from a Batista fan, but as I watched his entrance down the ramp, I noticed there was something WWE did not have right now: a proper monster heel.

They recently turned Ezekiel Jackson face and no matter how close Sheamus is to being the monster heel of the WWE, he doesn't emit the same aura of animosity as Batista.

Batista was at his best as a heel. The spotlight entrance, walking down to the ring without even acknowledging the fans.

The difference between face Batista and heel Batista is that as a heel he was poised and more intent on doing damage. That is what I liked about Batista when he was a heel, he was a one-man wrecking machine.

After a poor and repetitive four-year face run, creative finally decided to pull the trigger and turn him into what he truly was; an Animal.

Over four years we saw a destructive monster from Raw turn into a kind and gentle beast. I was disgraced by this transformation and always hoped we would see the return of the "true" Batista.

Over that four year run he was always considered overrated and undeserving World Champion due to his mic skills or lack of them. To be honest, I always muted when Big Dave started talking because I knew what was coming was going to be dreadful.

Then he turned heel and decided to finally show some talent on the stick. Take his promo just before his Wrestlemania match against John Cena. Batista insulted the fans and Cena, drawing some of the worst boos I have heard since Vickie Guerrero.

Needless to say, in my opinion anyway, the Animal is very missed, even if you are not a fan of him. We need someone to step up in the WWE and become a monster that people are afraid to face.

We need a monster who can take out the main faces of the company and can be a rampant World Champion. What we need is the Animal, Dave Batista. Cheers for the read.

- Bleacher Report Assassin (BRA)