WWE Draft: Five Superstars From Each Brand Who Should Be Moved

Joel BrandContributor IIJanuary 9, 2011

WWE Draft: Five Superstars From Each Brand Who Should Be Moved

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    It's that time of year again where there is draft hype in the air.  If you are a fan of the NFL, the big news of Andrew Luck electing to play his senior year at Stanford has changed your mock draft predictions for what will take place in April.  

    There is another draft in April and that is the one that I will be talking about in this article: the 2011 WWE Draft.

    There are many Superstars who are growing stale on their current rosters and might look better wrestling under a different color light.  My biggest goal for these moves is to create freshness on each show and to have each wrestler be placed in an environment that allows them to be as successful as possible.  

    I am also trying to be realistic in my predictions.  I would love if John Cena, John Morrison and CM Punk all came to Smackdown, but I think the WWE might think differently.  

    In fact, I don't see many established names moving this year, because WWE has been having more success recently than in past years, and they don't want to mess with that flow.  

    My draft does include many potential Main Eventers changing rosters in the hope of improving their careers.

    I do also have one big name switching shows as my last pick, because WWE always needs to have a big surprise.

    So I won't keep you guys waiting any longer, here are my 2011 WWE Draft Predictions!

With The First Pick In The 2011 WWE Draft... Raw Selects Beth Phoenix

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    When Lay-Cool lost their Unified Divas Championship to Natalya, the WWE established Raw as the place where the Divas would fight for their belt.  Raw is already considered the No. 1 show in the company so it makes sense that they would get the championship matches for the Women's Title as well.  

    The success of the TNA Knockouts Division has put pressure on the WWE to have more legit wrestling matches amongst their lady competitors.

    After Mickie James and Tara competed in a Steel Cage Match as the Main Event on TNA Impact, the WWE followed suit with their Tables Match at TLC between Natalya and Beth Phoenix VS Lay-Cool.  

    So in order to keep up their reputation as the premiere wrestling business, the WWE decides to start and improve the quality of their weekly divas segments.

    Beth Phoenix already makes many appearance on the Red Brand's show, so this move only seems fit. She should be in contention for gold soon and it makes more sense to put her on the show where the WWE is trying to highlight the Women's Division.  

    Phoenix is already over with the fans and would bring her power, agility and presence to help improve Monday Nights.

With The Second Pick in The 2011 WWE Draft... Smackdown Selects Eve

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    The other Diva who will now have a different home is Eve.  With Raw being more focused on the Women's Championship scene, Eve would not be placed in as many matches.  There are other wrestlers who deserve the belt over her and she would be relegated to a jobber.

    On Smackdown, Eve could get the matches and exposure to allow her become one of the up-and-coming faces in the Divas Division.

    She has so much potential to be a huge fan favorite if she could become more fluid and confident in the ring.  I could see a feud between Layla and Eve help both superstars become more established as solo wrestlers.

    Eve is actually one of the few divas I like and I think it is a shame that she isn't getting pushed over on Raw.  She could hone her abilities with other Divas that aren't fighting for the championship and then she would be ready when it is her time to shine. 

With The Third Pick in The 2011 WWE Draft... Raw Selects Chavo Guerrero

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    The first male to switch shows is Chavo Guerrero.  He is probably the least utilized wrestler on Smackdown who could be actually making a difference.  His only action of late was a couple of matches against Santino Marella and Vladimir Koslov but they never amounted to anything.  

    The only other sign of life in Guerrero's career has been that he occasionally appears in random segments like the New Year's Eve Party.

    Smackdown is completely misusing Chavo's abilities.  He has phenomenal mic skills but he has been relegated to someone who just gets laughed at instead of somebody who makes you laugh.

    Fans who have been watching wrestling for awhile will remember that he has been the ECW Champion in 2008, a six-time Cruiserweight Champion and 2-time WWE Tag Team Champion with his uncle, the late, great Eddie Guerrero.  Nowadays, it would be an upgrade for this third-generation wrestler to be considered a jobber.

    I wouldn't expect Raw to give Guerrero a push at this stage in his career, but I would hope they would treat him with the respect he has earned.  

    He could be used to help the younger guys get into legit matches or use his charisma as a manager for somebody who lacks talent with the microphone.  Basically, if Raw could find any role for him at all, it would be an improvement for Chavo.

With The Fourth Pick In The 2011 WWE Draft... Smackdown Selects Ted DiBiase

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    I wonder if Ted DiBiase had a match against his girlfriend, Maryse, if she would come out with a victory. Recently on Raw, he hasn't been able to buy a win, which is unfortunate because apparently he is pretty wealthy.

    This week on "WWE Superstars," DiBiase and Tyson Kidd defeated United States Champion Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry.  However, winning a match on "Superstars" is like winning a game in the minor leagues as a pitcher: it is a good thing, but doesn't give you much credibility against the big boys.

    Ever since DiBiase left the stable Legacy, he hasn't received the push that many expected him to get.  He is a two-time World Tag Team Champion with Cody Rhodes and also had a United States Championship match against Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series that he lost. 

    WWE is a "what have you done for me lately" league and recently Ted doesn't have much to show.

    Smackdown is in need of new guys to liven up the show.  Some fans are complaining that the matches are always the same and this could be easily fixed with some new talent added into the mix.  

    DiBiase has the heritage, the right look, and power that is needed to succeed in this industry and all he needs is some time to develop.  Smackdown can give him that opportunity and Raw can't offer him right now, so this is a logical switch.  

With The Fifth Pick In The 2011 WWE Draft... Raw Selects Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre is known as The Chosen One but recently he has been more like the Frozen One.  He hasn't really moved up in the company since he was the Intercontinental Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship with Cody Rhodes.  

    Last night he was in the #1 Contender Match for the World Heavyweight Championship along with Cody Rhodes, Big Show and the winner, Dolph Ziggler.  This is the epitome of where Drew is in Smackdown: close to the Main Event but he never reaches it.

    McIntyre has the size, aggression, talent and swagger to be a force on Friday Nights but instead he mainly just tries to awkwardly prove to Kelly Kelly that outside of the ring he is a good guy.  

    Fortunately, the writers are starting to have him take action in his pursuit of the diva when Drew stopped Lay-Cool from bullying Kelly Kelly after a match, because I am growing tired of their lifeless conversations.

    I don't know if having McIntyre save the "damsel in distress" is the most effective way to use his gifts, though.

    He is the wrestler on this list that could benefit the most from a change of scenery.  I think the Monday Nights atmosphere would enhance Drew because there would be more wrestlers for him to feud with.  

    He is in the upper mid-card black hole right now, which is hard to break through in WWE, but if we got a push on Raw, that would catapult his career to greatness.

With The Sixth Pick in The 2011 WWE Draft... Smackdown Selects Evan Bourne

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    Hopefully, Evan Bourne will be fully healed by the time the draft rolls around, because it would be a little awkward to have his name called out as a new member of Smackdown and have him gimp out on crutches.  

    Bourne hasn't been active since October, but before that he was flying through the ranks of Raw with his finisher "Shooting Star Press."  

    It is hard for a wrestler who is already not in the Main Event scene to come back from injury and start off right where they left.  

    There is no telling what the writing team would do with Bourne and what type of matches he would be placed in.  So this is the perfect time to send him to the Blue Brand where he would be a perfect fit.

    Bourne would be a great candidate to become the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. This would give him the gold that he needs to get over big time with the fans once again.  

    As my latest article, "Friday Night Smackdown: The Current State of the Roster" shows us, there are only 10 wrestlers on Smackdown who appear regularly.  

    Raw will obviously draft a couple of Friday's bigger names away, but Bourne would be a great replacement to be a mainstay on the roster.  The sky is the limit for this guy, and I would love to see him reach new heights on a new show.   

With The Seventh Pick In The 2011 WWE Draft... Raw Selects Jack Swagger

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    What happened to Jack Swagger?  He has been the ECW Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion and his latest feud was an attempt to get the Intercontinental Championship away from Dolph Ziggler with Kofi Kingston also being in the mix.  

    But the future doesn't seem to be too bright for him on Smackdown.

    It is very unlikely that he will be put in the main event scene again and he has worn out his welcome for the pursuit of what is now Kofi Kingston's title.  

    The best case scenario for him would be to get into a feud with Big Show who is currently trying to punch "Dashing" Cody Rhodes in the face.  There just aren't enough faces for him to have a rivalry with and Alberto Del Rio will be pushed before Swagger would be.

    A move to Raw could help give his character direction.  He could feud with somebody like R-Truth to give him some more respect, because his ability in the ring deserves it.

    He has good mic skills for a heel, if the announcers would stop trying to make us believe he is an Academic All-American, because his voice sounds kind of stupid on the mic.  

    However, his personality fits well into the guy who is a great mat-based grappler but has spit come out of his mouth when he is pouting because he lost a match he thought he should have won.

    Swagger needs Raw, but you could argue that Raw needs Swagger just as much because the guy can straight-up wrestle with no gimmick moves.  

With The Eighth Pick In The 2011 WWE Draft... Smackdown Selects David Otunga

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    Let's face it, eventually Nexus will be no more and most of us look forward to that day.  Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, Michael Tarver, John Cena and most recently Wade Barrett have all been kicked out of the group.

    CM Punk is the new leader of the group that is mainly lackeys, except for David Otunga.  Otunga is the only one to make himself stand out amongst the others with his gift of gab.

    He definitely needs some work on his wrestling ability and Raw is not the place for that to happen.  He would get lost in the shuffle without Nexus to help him get air-time.

    Being on Smackdown would allow him to separate himself completely from his former group.  It would give him the chance to be himself and make a name for himself because of what he does, not because of who his group is currently beating up.

    Otunga needs to be a face and he could have him departure from the Nexus could accomplish this.  He could be a face that balances out the ratio of good guys to bad guys on Smackdown.  

    I would be happy if Otunga could escape what has become of Nexus and start making things happen elsewhere.

With Their Last Pick in The 2011 WWE Draft... Raw Selects Kane

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    The Big Red Monster will be back on the Red Brand.  People have been down-talking his performances lately but I was very impressed with his World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing Match against Edge.

    I don't think he looked like an old dummy punching bag like some do; I loved his kick to the face from out of nowhere and his choke-slam of Edge through the announcers' table.  I think Kane's haters are writing him off too early.

    There aren't any appetizing feuds on Smackdown for him, currently so the move to Raw would be good.

    He would make a great rivalry for almost any on Monday Nights and he could help the young guns by bringing his experience and credibility to his matches.  

    The man has put in many years and hard work into this company and deserves to have a good last couple of years.

    Kane is currently the biggest name of Raw's new draft picks, what with him being the last World Heavyweight Champion before Edge.  

    However, Drew McIntyre or Jack Swagger have the potential to be huge players on the Main Event stage for many years to come.  

With Their Last Pick In The 2011 WWE Draft... Smackdown Selects Randy Orton

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    That's right, the Viper is coming over to Smackdown.  He is clearly the biggest name on this list with his laundry list of achievements and he is the second biggest face on Raw after John Cena.

    But that is the problem, the WWE wants to give Randy Orton the opportunity to be the main man of a show.  He could have great battles with Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler to help them transition to the biggest stage of wrestling. 

    Raw has plenty of main event talent in Cena, John Morrison, Sheamus, CM Punk, the Nexus and the Miz.

    Also their new draft picks could make some noise, Triple H is coming back from injury, Chris Jericho will be signing a new contract again and I am not sure that Wade Barrett is officially coming to Smackdown like everybody assumes (but I don't read spoilers so I could be wrong.)  

    Raw has an abundance of huge names that need to be distributed throughout the shows more evenly.

    Randy Orton's insanity angle where his voices talk to him doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I think it would be a good thing for his career to have a fresh start.  However, Smackdown does need Orton more than Orton needs Smackdown.

    Whether you like the guy or not, you have to admit that his talents are great wherever they would be placed.  We all know he won't be wrestling Kofi for the Intercontinental Championship because Kofi might botch and "injure" Smackdown's new prize.

The 2011 WWE Draft Wrap-Up

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    So I would love to hear your thoughts on these Superstars being drafted.  Which brand got the better end of the deal?  Which wrestler would benefit the most from fighting on a different night?  

    Does this seem like a realistic draft?  Any and all of your comments and criticisms are appreciated, because I am trying to improve my knowledge of WWE and my writing and argumentative skills.

    It is my pleasure to write these articles for you guys and please keep on reading them and commenting on them because that makes this even more fun.  

    Hopefully you are starting to realize that I am going end every article I write with my favorite phrase from Kelly Campbell, because it applies in every situation.

    Like always, my final thought on the WWE draft is "It is what it is!"