Exit: It's Time For Justin Gabriel To Become His Own Superstar

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 8, 2011

Lately, I've been examining ancient videos of the Nexus. From their time at FCW to their attacks on Monday Night RAW, Nexus has become a staple to the RAW brand.

With the exception of Wade Barrett and David Otunga, Nexus have yet to display any personality whatsoever.

While Husky Harris and Mike McGillicutty rarely wrestle, we've all witnessed former tag team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in action.

While my opinion on Slater is the same as everyone else’s, I’ve taken a liking to Justin Gabriel and his style of wrestling.

My interest pushed me to watch matches before he joined WWE. Why? Because the WWE almost always have new talents tone down their wrestling style.

My curiosity led me to a PJ Black highlight video.  After watching the video, I came up with one conclusion. Justin Gabriel should leave Nexus as soon as possible. Before the onslaught begins, I would like you to let me explain my opinion first.

A wrestler of Gabriel’s genre is often defined as a “natural” face.  Being that Gabriel is a part of a heel stable; it’s extremely hard for fans to boo him.  

The idea also dawned on me during Gabriel’s first match with Randy Orton. Nexus members were to win or be exiled from the group. Honestly, I was praying that Orton defeated Gabriel. 

Besides CM Punk, Gabriel is the single Nexus member who is almost flawless in the ring.

Before it’s brought up, that botch during the match with Randy Orton was obviously Orton’s fault. JG went on to have great matches with John Cena and as Heath Slater’s tag team partner.

The one thing that kept me interested in Nexus was Wade Barrett. Now that’s he on Smackdown, John Cena’s injured, and there’s no apparent direction for Nexus, Gabriel should depart the group. Aside from that, there are a lot of feud potentials here.

The IWC has been calling for a Gabriel/Bryan match. Personally, the idea of that match gives me a significant amount of interest.

John Morrison and Tyson Kidd share a similar style with Gabriel. Matches with the same genre are always entertaining. At some point, Gabriel could come face to face with Evan Bourne.


Or even crossing over to Smackdown for matches with Rhodes, Ziggler, and even former leader Wade Barrett.

There is however one problem with Gabriel’s work. Like so many others his size, Gabriel isn’t very appealing when it comes to holding the microphone.

If The Miz’s run as the WWE Champion proves anything, it's that having good mic skills is a part of the job. Along with that, Gabriel’s size works against him.

Vince McMahon is known to favor larger Superstars. But Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels proved that size isn’t everything in WWE.

All of our hopes with Gabriel could come true if he splits from Nexus. Instead of being overshadowed by Punk, Gabriel could work on his mic skills and better his in-ring ability.

Why not? What is he doing as a part of Nexus? Proving the critics right by being a one-trick pony? Participating in the never-ending Nexus beat downs?

Yeah, that’s going to help his career in the long run.