La Escencia De La Excelencia: Alberto Del Rio is Destined for Greatness

The Bleacher Report AssassinContributor IJanuary 8, 2011

The infamous smile of Del Rio
The infamous smile of Del Rio

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Due to the success of my article on Dolph Ziggler, I have decided to write another article on one of Smackdowns rising stars. This superstar has been proclaimed, not to mention he has proclaimed himself, a "future World Heavyweight Champion."

If you told me four months ago that a newcomer would flourish in a feud with Rey Mysterio and become one of Smackdown's top heels I would have laughed. When I think of Mysterio, I generally see a feud in which his opponent is somewhat buried by him. I have no idea why, I just see things that way. But my dislike for Mysterio is not the main point of this article; Smackdown's newest Mexican sensation is.

A silk white scarf, his Beamer, Benz or Bentley, a personal announcer, gold trunks, catchy theme music and a cheeky wink and smile. It may only be me, but I wish I had all of the things that this character has. But his prime export, his coup de grâce, is his amazing in-ring work. If you had not guessed by now, ladies and gents, I am talking about the Mexican Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio.

Since his debut on Smackdown over four months ago, Del Rio has shown all the characteristics of a main heel.

His in-ring work has been flawless and his mic skills have been phenomenal. We have seen the "rich man" gimmick plenty of times in the WWE, but not in the same circumstance as Del Rio. Many superstars with this gimmick usually have the heel characteristic of trying to buy their wins, but Del Rio is different to this. He is cunning and intellectual, planning and calculating his moves before he makes them.

Take his attack on Christian, for example. They could have had an amazing match, but Alberto said they would meet "on his terms". When did this happen? Backstage, where he took Christian out. He did exactly what said he would when he "put down" Mysterio, albeit for a week or two. From these two moments, he has been depicted as a major heel by taking out two massive faces on Smackdown.

Not only has he proven himself a heel by his characteristics, but his promos have been sensational. Take for example his celebration after taking out Mysterio. He berated Mysterio by calling him a "chihuahua". Maybe I just loved this promo because I dislike Mysterio but I could feel the hatred the crowd gave him. The fans in attendance were eating out of the palm of Del Rio's hand. That was legitimate heat and he has been receiving more and more ever since.

My only flaw with Alberto is his finisher, the cross-arm breaker. It looks effective, but I don't think it will work for a main eventer. That enziguri from the top rope is magnificently done, but I would hate for that to be a finisher because it may lead to count-out victories. Perhaps if he used it on the ground it would be more effective.

Alberto Del Rio has proven himself a major player on Smackdown, and on Raw he said that "it's his destiny to win the Royal Rumble." Destiny is never left to chance, so Del Rio could very well walk away the winner of the Rumble. Either way, it's easy to see that the year 2011 is the year of el fantástico Alberto Del Rio. Cheers for the read.

- Bleacher Report Assassin (BRA)