So You Can See Perfection: Is Dolph Ziggler Ready for the Main Event?

The Bleacher Report AssassinContributor IJanuary 7, 2011

Can you see perfection in the brash Dolph Ziggler?
Can you see perfection in the brash Dolph Ziggler?

Greetings, Bleacher Reporters and Readers. This is my first article, so here's hoping that it's good enough and that you enjoy it. If you had not guessed by the title of this article, the purpose of this article is to discuss with the fellow members of Bleacher Report their opinions of Dolph Ziggler and his chances of main event in the WWE. So, without further ado, let's begin!

 A few months back, Dolph Ziggler defeated the energetic Kofi Kingston to become the new Intercontinental Champion. This was a turning point in the career of Ziggler, finally winning his first championship in the WWE.

Ziggler has proved himself a worthy champion, defeating former champion Kingston in successive matches, the recently released NXT Season 2 winner Kaval and most recently at the TLC defeating both Kingston and former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in a ladder match.

But why should Dolph be considered for a shot at "the Holy Grail" of the WWE, and why he may never be considered? We'll take a look at that right now.


Why He Should Be:

In the past few months, Dolph has shown some great mat-based wrestling. He is a fantastic technical wrestler and holds second place for all-time career wins at Kent State University. This skill has been incorporated into WWE's style, and he has been one of Smackdowns main players in the past year. Dolph has had an amazing Intercontinental run, defeating the majority of the challengers that have faced him.

He has the ability to put on five-star matches with some of the best wrestlers in the company. Take, for example, his matches with Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Ziggler faced both of these Superstars two nights in a row (three for Daniel Bryan) in losing efforts to both but still managed to steal the show.

His match with Daniel Bryan at Bragging Rights was considered one of the best matches of 2010, only behind Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania which was a classic. The match between Bryan and Ziggler stole the show without a doubt, and the rematches on Raw and Smackdown were just as good. His mini-feud with Cena, which took place over two shows, proved he could compete with the businesses main man. If Vickie Guerrero had not tagged herself in numerous times, I think Dolph could have went over Cena.

She was mentioned in the previous point, and she has surely helped Dolph get over with the fans. Her name is Vickie Guerrero, and she is the WWE's biggest heel. With Vickie by his side, Dolph is slowly becoming one of the company's main heels and a "break up" with her would turn him into a face. And as everyone knows, feuding with Vickie Guerrero will get you over as a face, unless your name is Eric Escobar, but I don't see Ziggler getting "future endeavored" any time soon.

Why He Shouldn't Be: 

Unfortunately for Dolph, he doesn't attract much heat from the fans. This is the main reason he is teamed up with Vickie, because as we know, she is the heat magnet of the WWE. If one is to be a main event player, they must draw a lot of heat, like current WWE Champion The Miz.

Once you hear the "aweeeeeeessssommmme" before the theme music even starts, the whole arena comes together in hatred of "The Awesome One." This is what Dolph needs—legitimate heat, but he's not getting it. Thus, I come to the conclusion that he should split from Vickie and become face.

Some wrestlers have it and some don't, and from what I can tell, although I am not a great judge of it, Dolph does not have great mic skills. Vickie has taken the role of his manager, girlfriend and his mouthpiece, though, when you think about it, the heat is for her, not for Dolph. Dolph needs to work on his confidence with the mic so he can become a big time player in the company and grab the brass ring.

Who has he feuded with all year, apart from Kofi Kingston? The only difference this time is that Swagger has been thrown into the mix. Otherwise, he has had two to three matches with wrestlers, but it has not escalated past that. We know he can wrestle, but he just needs someone to feud with before he eventually makes it to the main event seen. Perhaps a returning or over Superstar like Christian or Rey Mysterio.


So, my main question is, will he make it? Maybe we could see him "zigging and zagging" to a win at the Royal Rumble? I'd love to hear your opinions so leave a comment if you'd like. Cheers for the read.

- Bleacher Report Assassin (BRA)