WWE News: Nexus May Soon Affect the Diva's Division While WM27 Could Get Stung!

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJanuary 7, 2011

Recent reports have stated that the WWE are currently high on the idea of introducing a female enforcer for the Nexus. This is big news because if you read it carefully, it says female enforcer and who better to be a female enforcer character than recently recruited Awesome Kong!

Now, I may be getting too far ahead of myself, but considering the current Divas division, none of the Divas exactly fit the bill of "enforcer," and the only one who could fit it is the one and only Awesome Kong.

Kong doesn't exactly have the look of a "Diva," but if the WWE wants to introduce her, what better way to do so than with Nexus, especially now that they have a new leader in the form of CM Punk.

Punk may want "change" in the Nexus and the WWE as a whole, so he may introduce Kong as a new member of Nexus. It's just a thought, and it is still a rumor, but it's always nice to see one's opinions, so what is your opinion on Nexus possibly getting an enforcer? Feel free to comment away!

As for Wrestlemania 27 getting possibly stung, if your guess involved Sting then you may be correct!

It's also being reported that Vince McMahon wants Sting to be in the Hall of Fame which is taking place in Atlanta this year, the former home of WCW. And with Sting's contract up for a few months now, it could be highly likely that Sting may get into the Hall of Fame if Sting decides to do go to the company he didn't have to go to to receive success in.

But with Sting possibly being in the Hall of Fame, it is still not guaranteed that he may be involved in this year's Wrestlemania. Sting may only appear for his HoF induction, without ever having to step foot in a WWE ring to preserve his legacy. The choice is all up to Sting, but he will always be a top star regardless of him possibly deciding to go to the WWE whether for one appearance or more or if he denies the offers given to him by the WWE altogether. It's Sting's life, and only he can control it.

So with the latest news on Nexus and Sting, what do you think of the WWE and the rumors circulating them at the moment?