John Cena Is the Next Rock! You Dislike Those Comparisons Now, Don't You?

Undisputed SaviourContributor IIJanuary 7, 2011

John Cena Faces The Rock In A Battle Of Comparisons, A Stage Set By The IWC.
John Cena Faces The Rock In A Battle Of Comparisons, A Stage Set By The IWC.

Hey, Bleachers. First thing's first: I want to state that I disapprove of the comparison made in the title. These superstars are both in a class of their own.

Secondly, I am appalled at the mentality of some of the individuals who blatantly compare superstars and see some of these wrestlers live in the shadow of others. Stop comparing current superstars to those of the past, or you'll only find yourself disappointed! I mean, comparing John Morrison to Shawn Michaels? Now that's just absurd. Let's see why, shall we? If you learn to listen to learn, you may just get the point.

Shawn Michaels began wrestling for the WWE in 1988 through 2010. John Morrison began wrestling with the WWE in 2004. There is something that distinguishes any comparison one may make, and this is obviously the difference in experience. Shawn Michaels has 22 years of experience in the WWE, while John Morrison has only seven years at most.

In addition, Shawn Michaels has been considered arguably the best performer of the 1990s, and I really don't wanna start on this. It's another article for another day. Plus, times have changed. Case in point, Shawn Michaels could have done certain things in the past that, if John Morrison were to do now, would get himself fired in the process.

You can't compare the first six years of both men's careers because things were different back in Michaels' day, including how the wrestlers defined "entertainment." He never used as many ladders and did those huge stunts that John Morrison did within his career up until now, and therefore it is impossible to make comparisons like this.

However, there is no denying that John Morrison is in for a world of glory once he gets his well-deserved push. Also, Shawn Michaels might have had a more diverse legion of superstars to establish himself with than John Morrison has today. I know that both guys are somewhat flashy, they're both loved and they are both of somewhat similar sizes.

But using the great Shawn Michaels as a measuring stick for someone who has yet to make that defining impact one craves? Don't do that. You'll only be expecting greatness from John Morrison. You'll get it, yes, but will it really measure up to that of Shawn Michaels? Think about it. John Morrison needs to make a name for himself. He's the only known proponent of Par-kour that has ever been in the WWE, and might I add, he's establishing himself quite well. He's entertained very well thus far, and I very much look forward to what his future entails.

Let's try another: perhaps Drew McIntyre and Triple H? I only see a slight resemblance in appearance of Drew McIntyre to a young Hunter Hearst Helmsley, but that doesn't mean their wrestling styles and personalities are similar.

Again, experience is considered the main contrast with respect to ring performance. I see legitimate success in the corner of The Chosen One in the future, but let's face it: Can he really be measured to the mega-stardom that Triple H has accomplished?

Once more, the factor of time comes into play. Triple H has done things on-screen that can get Drew McIntyre fired if he does, due to the many restrictions enforced by the WWE at present. Quite unfair, really, but we cannot argue that the future superstars of the business are impossible to compare to the superstars of the past. The roster of old included many credible names, namely Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Stone Cold and soon, The Undertaker.

There's no telling if any of the superstars currently employed with the WWE will ever reach the heights of any of the individuals just mentioned—on their own terms, that is. If we look forward to seeing drew McIntyre beat many opponents bloody and manage to amass 13 world title victories, we may just get disappointed in the end. What an unbearable weight to place on the shoulders of Drew McIntyre. Shameful of the IWC, I say.

There are many more comparisons being made in the wrestling world today, but you get the point. I ask you, IWC: Was there any "The Rock" before Rocky Maivia? Was there any "Stone Cold Steve Austin" before Stunning Steve? Was there any "Viper" before the inception of the Legend Killer? Exactly.

These wrestlers learned to adapt to their environment, so why can't the superstars of today do the same? These individuals earned the success they never dreamed they could accomplish, and now, people see them as measuring sticks. Now, people say, "Hey, is he the next Chris Jericho? Wow!" The reputations of the superstars who the IWC so graciously compare to superstars of the past are only put in jeopardy by doing so.

Let John Morrison become his own megastar on his own terms, with his own pace. Give the superstars some time, and they'll evolve—just like those before them. The same goes for Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and all those other superstars who you know, in your hearts, are really—seriously—going to be successful in the business. You never know, the mid-carders you know today may develop into main-eventers capable of having feuds whose magnitudes rival that of John Cena vs. Randy Orton or even The Rock vs. Stone Cold... I'm just saying.

Mark my words. Some of the future superstars of the business (maybe some who are currently employed as part of the Raw or Smackdown roster) WILL mark their names in the history books as some of the greatest athletes to ever grace a wrestling ring, and they will probably acquire the certain success that saw superstars like The Rock become the greatest entertainer of his time—BUT THEY WILL DO SO TO THEIR OWN STANDARDS AND ON THEIR OWN TERMS. No one ever said that they have to be like another superstar, but they CAN acquire success their own way with different and unique standards; they can even do so with their own time. There will be Megastar X, Megastar Y and Megastar Z in the future, and we could never stop that from happening.

My point? Stop comparing, please. I only did this to attempt helping you have a WWE future full of despair and disappointment, guys. I humbly thank you for your time, fellow BR members. I hope this article was pretty insightful because the future of the WWE may depend on it. Feedback is greatly appreciated.