TNA Impact (1/6): Hits, Misses and "What The Hell?"

Bridget CampbellContributor IIIJanuary 7, 2011

TNA Impact needs some help this week.
TNA Impact needs some help this week.

I have been writing these articles for the WWE shows that last 2 weeks and thought, "Hey, I watch impact every Thursday night. I can do this article for Impact too." Last night's Impact was the last TNA show before their Genesis PPV, not to mention their first Impact of the year. As always, there were some hits, misses and "what the hell" moments.


Pope-Samoa Joe promo. I really like the weird chemistry that these two have with each other. They both make it really look like they hate each other. This can be the start of a good feud between these two that will have nothing to do with Immortal. They only have two things going on that doesn't involve Immortal: the Knockouts division and the Brother Ray-Brother Devon feud and I feel like the Ray-Devon feud is going to end sooner rather than later. This feud could lead to good things for both of them.

RVD vs. Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett has been doing a wonderful job of making himself look scared and at the same time making him look like a bully. Hardy made an appearance, which is no longer a regular thing, and Mr. Anderson "accidentally" hit Matt Morgan in the back with a chair. The commentators did a good job of playing up the fact that they can't get a read on Anderson.


MCMG vs. Styles and Kazarian. This match had some decent match work, but it was too short of a match for me. TNA has some good talent in the ring that could have put on a good ten-minute match but instead they use this as a storyline builder toward the PPV. However, it is good the Machine Guns won so that they can have some momentum heading in to Genesis.

Abyss vs. Lethal. This is the same as the Guns vs Styles and Kazarian for me. TNA could have had them put on a decent match before Abyss lost his mind but instead decided for him to go crazy in a minute. Kazarian then comes out and does a short promo. I will give TNA a plus for having Kaz not touch Lethal. That lays well into his character of him thinking he can beat anyone even without an advantage.


Opening Segment. Bischoff calls all the Champions out there that aren't in Immortal. Out come the Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, and Doug Williams. Bischoff talked for a little bit and then Immortal began beating up the champs. Let me get this straight, all it took for Immortal to leave was RVD coming out. After that, if I was anyone in that locker room not in Immortal, I am making friends with RVD, because he can scare like 10 guys away just by himself. What the Hell?

Immortal. This is more of a hole in the storyline. Immortal says they want to hold all the championships in TNA that way they will hold all the power. Yet they mention nothing about the Knockouts TItle. Are they insinuating that the Knockouts division has no meaning. TNA's women's division is one of the areas they are actually better than the WWE in. If they don't start treating it that way, pretty soon it will be another area they can't compete with WWE in.

So this week's edition of Impact was a clear story builder for the PPV. There really wasn't a quality match on the show which is what is starting to bother me about TNA. They seem to want to try to be like WWE. They bring in guys from WWE and use nearly the same gimmick that they had there. Now they are worried about storylines more than they are worried about good wrestling. A word of advice to TNA, you need to put on good matches every chance you get to get more fans. You have no competition from WWE on Thursdays. Find a way to bring WWE fans to your product. I know what I miss lately from WWE is a good match or two on every show. TNA, put on some good, lengthy matches, and I am sure you will get a better rating.