There's a Special Spot in Hell For Notre Dame

Jason BarczyCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

Only Ohio State invokes more hatred in me than the mere mention of Notre Lame. It's really hard not to use expletives when writing about the Fighting Irish, or more like the Meager Irish.

If any team has fallen off the national stage more so than Notre Dame, please let me know and point out which team.

As bad as last year was for us Michigan fans, it was quite comforting watching Notre Dame fall into the abyss. My only regret is that they didn't play Army and have the chance to lose to all three military teams.

The first five weeks of the 2007 Notre Dame allowed each team it faced to score 31 points or more including Michigan's 38-0 win in Ann Arbor.

They gave up an average of 28.75 points per game. Lost 46-44 in triple overtime to Navy. Navy! Who hadn't beat the Irish since 1963!

I personally don't understand why the Wolverines keep playing Notre Dame. Oh it's a rivalry, oh it's great for college football, oh it's magical. Puh-lease.

Any Michigan fan will tell you that they'd rather play a Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, or USC, or even Florida State, than play Notre Dame.

It did use to mean something but not anymore. It use to be a big game between two powerhouse schools and would boost the winner's rankings into the top 10 if not top five.

Now it's a laughingstock, a lame duck game if you will. Not that Michigan has been a great powerhouse lately but definitely more so than Notre Dame.

Sure we lost to App. State. I get it. That's what I'm sure Notre Dame fans will bring up, but their team lost 38-0 to the team that lost to App. State and so did nine other teams last year, so stop bringing it up.

The only teams fans that are allowed to do so from now on are Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Oregon. Oh yeah, and App. State fans wherever they may be.

Back to the point though, Bo Schembechler was right. We don't need Notre Dame. They need us way more than we need them. Michigan would be better served scheduling a BCS school early in the season than playing Notre Dame.

Miami (OH) will prove to be a tougher test for Michigan after this weekend.

Now some will point out that the series is 3-3 this decade and even go so far as to point out that Notre Dame is 12-10-1 since the series reopened in 1978.

But let's take a look at Notre Dame's three wins this decade. Crap call in 2002 gave them the win on the Holiday run in touchdown, 2004 saw a freshman quarterback (Henne) and freshman backfield (Hart and Max Martin). The only decent player the Wolverines had with any experience that year was Braylon Edwards.

The 2005 game is barely legitimate but only because I don't like making excuses for injuries but Hart was barely able to run that entire year and Henne was adjusting to life post-Braylon.

Take those three games out of the equation and Michigan has outscored Notre Dame 123-21 and were three of the top losses in Notre Dame history.

The biggest thing that bothers me though about Notre Dame is how overrated they are. I'll bet $100 that they're in the top 25 if they beat Michigan on Saturday and start 2-0.

Year after year the national media gets on its knees and prays Notre Dame will be good and will do anything to make sure the Irish garner some attention.

Sure, Michigan's overrated in its own way, but at least they've never had the year that Notre Dame had last year at 3-9 and most times deserve to be in the top 25.

Last time Michigan won just three games or less was 1963 and I'm not sure Michigan has ever started a season 0-5 but I doubt it.

Notre Dame hasn't had a decent team since Lou Holtz was the coach and don't bring up how vastly overrated they were in 2005 (killed by Ohio State in Fiesta Bowl) and 2006 (even worse loss to LSU).

Which brings me to the mediocre coaches they've hired since. Bob Davie, Tyrone Willingham, and Charlie Weis all have sucked it up.

Davie was so inconsistent in all phases and couldn't recruit. Willingham was god awful, and Weis needs to go back to the NFL.

More importantly though, he needs to put down the sandwich, right this instant as you read this.

This past week he has made a joke of himself by backing off his comments earlier this year when he said "to hell with Michigan."

He's trying to say it was a tribute to Bo. Biggest difference is though when Bo said "to hell with Notre Dame" he meant it and would never back off of it. Weis just says things to stir up the team or the media, now it's backfiring on him as that quote is pasted all over the Michigan locker room.

Notre Dame fans complain that he suffered last season due to Willingham's inability to recruit, well it hasn't looked good for Weis either in his recruits. Where's the offensive line, the playmakers, the defense? All he's got so far is a stud high school quarterback in Jimmy Clausen and he looks terrible thus far.

I could not believe Notre Dame gave him a huge contract extension after one good year (with Willingham recruits). I don't know hardly any Notre Dame fans personally but I bet there's a whole bunch of em wishing the university hadn't done that.

I'll kill Bill Martin if he gives Rich Rodriguez a huge extension after two seasons let alone one. I want to see results before he's rewarded.

I can't stand how most of Notre Dame fans are fans of the Fighting Irish in the first place. I'd estimate 80% of the Fighting Irish fans have no affiliation to Notre Dame, South Bend, or the state of Indiana all together.

Most of them claim Notre Dame based the fact that they are either Irish or Catholic or both. Unless you moved here from Ireland or both of your parents did, you're not Irish. Catholic people also have next to no reason to root for Notre Dame. Based on that they should also root for the Yankees in which A-Rod, Jason Giambi, and Derek Jeter are all Catholic.

Unbelievable that Michigan signed a contract extension to continue playing Notre Dame every year till 2031. Bo's probably rolling in his grave.

I'd agree with playing them once a year or every couple years if Notre Dame stopped with the arrogance already and invoke some common sense by joining the Big 10. They won't get by forever by being an independent and the Big 10 is the logical choice geographically, competitively, and for the fans.

I'm sure Notre Dame fans themselves would rather see a Big 10 schedule than the cupcakes the Fighting Irish play every year.

People say Michigan fans are arrogant and stuck up. Compared to Notre Dame fans, Wolverines fans are nothing of the sort.

Can't wait to see Michigan beat Notre Dame again this weekend.

Preview and prediction coming tomorrow.


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