Karl Malone Still Has It: Will the Mailman Make a Comeback in Boston?

Sean StancillSenior Writer ISeptember 11, 2008

After winning an NBA Championship last season, the offseason was expected to be Champaign dreams and smooth sailing for Boston. However, this proved to be short-lived as they suffered a major blow to their team identity.

This past offseason the Celtics lost James Posey, a vital part of their bench last season, to the New Orleans Hornets. He was determined to seek a larger salary.

Lacking mass amount of muscle and toughness in their second unit, the C’s are still actively attempting to replenish their need.

One option would be former NBA juggernaut, Karl Malone.

Known for his skull-bashing elbows and his trademark dynamic kick after each jump shot, the Mailman would be an excellent addition for the Defending Champions.

In his illustrious career, Malone averaged 25+ PPG for 16 consecutive seasons, and 10 of those years also included a double-double. After a career falling two years shy of two decades, the Mailman has lifelong averages of 25 PPG, 10.1 RPG, 0.8 BPG, and 1.4 SPG.

At 6'9", he made up for his lack of height with his brute strength and quickness at the power forward position.

By developing one of the most lethal shots from the baseline in NBA history, the strong man was forever emblazoned in basketball memory.


Malone's Lifetime Achievements

13-time NBA All Star

11-time All First Team NBA

two-time NBA All Second Team

one-time All NBA Third Team

two-time NBA Most Valuable Player

gold medalist as a part of USA Dream Team 1992

gold medalist as a part of USA Dream Team 1996


While Malone hasn't played since the 2002-03 season, there have been several reports of him playing in foreign basketball leagues.

Once having two percent body fat in the prime of his physical fitness, I refuse to believe he no longer goes through merciless training and has become nothing but a mere mortal.

I believe the Boston Celtics should explore the possibilities of negotiating with the Herculean being. He has an unmatchable work ethic stemming from his seasons with the Jazz and the Lakers, and he also possesses a desirable skill set.

At age 45, if Malone does execute a successful comeback, he will be the oldest player in NBA history to have played in a professional game.

Because of his age and his prior experience in the NBA, Karl Malone would qualify for the veterans' minimum, enabling any team to sign him at a bargain.

Former Top 15 draft pick and pre-historic center Kevin Willis currently has the record at age 42.