Clay Guida Says He Fights to Give His Parents a Better Life

Andrew GladstoneCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2011

Courtesy of Tracy Lee of Yahoo Sports
Courtesy of Tracy Lee of Yahoo Sports

On New Year's Day, at UFC 125, Clay "The Carpenter" Guida put on one of the best performances of his career after he defeated former Pride lightweight champion Takanori Gomi with a guillotine choke in the second round.

Guida showcased a lot of unorthodox movement throughout the fight and Gomi was never able to gauge Guida's timing.  In fact, Gomi switched from his traditional southpaw stance to orthodox stance during the fight, which is a stance Gomi has rarely fought with.

"The plan was making it a guessing game for him," Guida told TapouT Radio. 

"We didn't think he was going to be that out of his league, we kind of just confused him with the head movement and just unorthodox footwork and then he started switching up from southpaw to orthodox.  I could see in his face that I just overwhelmed him and it opened up my wrestling and my wrestling just opened up my submissions and ground and pound."

After having the majority of his UFC wins come via decision, Guida grew tired of going the distance and wanted to get back to finishing fights by submission.

"I'm making believers out of those people that weren't to familiar with my earlier career, I think I had like 11 or 12 submissions in one year", Guida said. 

"We're getting back to the old ways, man, just taking people down, outwrestling them, outgrappling them, and it opens up, they make mistakes.  They leave their head out there and we go for it.  I'm not a striker, I'm more of a wrestler and a ground and pound based guy and that's what I do best."

Guida's guillotine choke over the former Pride lightweight champion Takanori Gomi earned him a "submission of the night" bonus. 

After getting the big $60,000 bonus, Guida indicated that he wants to take care of his mother and father and the first thing he plans on doing with his submission bonus is buying his parents a house.

"I'm pretty excited, I'm actually taking part of that or the whole thing and buying them a house when I get home next week.  It's always something I've been wanting to do for them since I started fighting.  They put food on the table for me, my brother and sister for years, so it's payback time you know."

"I'm excited for them, they've been my biggest supporters, their my best friends.  Each fight I win is a day closer for them to retire, and it's one of the main reasons I'm fighting."

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