Predictions For the Road To WrestleMania

Justin VanderzwanCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2011

Predictions For the Road To WrestleMania

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    With just a few weeks to the Royal Rumble, I thought I would make a Bleacher Report comeback, to make a few crazy predictions for the Road to Wrestlemania.

    Some of my views may make little to no sense, but bear with me.

    I expect there will significant changes to the major title pictures BEFORE the big event, but you will have to read on to find out more.


Many Happy Returns?

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    Another storyline that comes with the Royal Rumble is who may be returning as surprise guests during the Rumble match.  This year there are some interesting superstars who may return.

    1. Triple H: The most likely return of them all.  The Game has been out of action for about eight months, and will be a strong favorite to win the Rumble once again.  I don't see him winning, but he could be in the final five or six.

    2. Chris Jericho: As I mentioned before, it looks unlikely that Jericho will appear in the Rumble match itself, but don't rule out a Y2J sighting at the event.  If he does indeed enter the Rumble match, he will also be a strong favorite.

    3. The Undertaker: It appears the Deadman is still recovering from his various injuries, and the Rumble is an extreme long shot.  Not that it really matters, his Wrestlemania match will be a main event anyway, especially if Brock Lesnar of Goldberg is involved.

    4. Goldberg: Speaking of this WCW legend, if the rumors are true, he could be an intriguing entry into the Rumble.  He more than likely wouldn't win, but a dominant performance would be just what the doctor ordered to make him relevant again.

    5. Evan Bourne: A guy that flies under the radar, Bourne could come out and perform some super spots, but would be a long shot to win the Rumble match.

What Will Become Of The Nexus?

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    With the recent arrival of CM Punk to the Nexus, it has opened the door for this renegade group to continue terrorizing Raw.  The only questions that remain are what will happen to the group moving forward, and what will become of former Nexus leader Wade Barrett?

    Well, the answer to the first question is obvious.  The group will continue to feud with John Cena, likely leading to a match with CM Punk at Wrestlemania.  I will look into how this may happen on a later slide.

    Now, for Barrett, I think he and Punk will do battle in the near future.  I expect Punk and the Nexus to eliminate Barrett from the Rumble.  Then it would make sense for both Punk and Barrett to cost each other the chance at being in the Raw Elimination Chamber, setting up a grudge match between the two at the February PPV.

    The Nexus will continue to run strong for a while, then likely split up after the WWE Draft in April.

Will Mr Mcmahon Have a Role?

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    When it comes to Wrestlemania, there are several constants to watch for.  Number one is the Undertaker beating someone, and the second is the role of Vince Mcmahon.

    He has been off TV for a while now as well, and could very well not be involved in this year's Mania.  Of course, he would have been better off not being a part of last year's event, as his match with Bret Hart was fairly bad.

    I think the only way he gets involved this year will be to (finally) introduce the Raw General Manager.  I believe they have been saving this unveiling for Mania, and it will be a farce if the GM isn't revealed by then.

    Otherwise, maybe they can arrange some sort of grudge match between him and Ted Turner.

The Anonymous General Manager

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    Honestly, I don't even think the WWE knows who this will be.

    It will probably end up being Michael Cole, but in the end, does anyone really care anymore?

    This storyline was interesting for a while, and speculation was all over the internet.  But after Summerslam came and went without the GM being revealed, the storyline grew stale and boring.

    It will take an epic decision by WWE to make the wait seem worth it. 

Money In The Bank?

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    If they cut the Money in the Bank ladder match from Wrestlemania, it will greatly take away from the event.  I think they will still hold the match, as it serves as a very exciting opening match.

    This year they will move away from older superstars like Kane and Christian, and feature more up-and-coming stars.  Here are my picks for MITB:

    1) John Morrison

    2) Jack Swagger

    3) Kofi Kingston

    4) Evan Bourne

    5) Wade Barrett

    6) Justin Gabriel

    7) Drew McIntyre

    8) The Miz

    9) "Dashing" Cody Rhodes

    10) Ted DiBiase

    Winner: Wade Barrett

What Lies Ahead For The Miz?

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    While most people have become disgusted and infuriated at the Miz's title reign, I think it has offered something new, and at times, exciting.

    I do agree with people that say he isn't the best wrestler in the world, but his ability to draw heat and move a match forward have made him a decent champion.  While it may have been too early in his career to put the WWE title on him, I think he has done a very good job.  Any questions of his reign's credibility went out the window after his defence against John Morrison on Raw.

    Now, what does the future hold for the Miz?

    I think he will defeat Randy Orton once again at the Royal Rumble, but I think he will have some help.  Early reports say that Chris Jericho may not be ready for the actual Rumble match, but an appearance to screw Randy Orton of the title would do wonders for their future feud.

    I see the Miz retaining at the Rumble and losing in the Elimination Chamber in February.

The World Heavyweight Title Picture

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    The World Heavyweight Championship may finally be getting its credibility back.  Kane held the belt for quite some time, and it was the first lengthy reign the belt has seen in some time.

    Now that Edge is the Champ, it would seem that a match with Christian at Mania would be a likely course.  However, that is the match everyone thought could have happened at Wrestlemania 26.  I don't see it happening this year either.  It doesn't seem that Christian is ever going to get a major title shot.

    As for Edge, I'm almost certain he will find a way to hold the belt til Mania.  It will be difficult inside the Chamber in February, but he will find a way to get it done.  They really need to give Edge a longer run with the title, as he seems to only hold the belt for brief periods of time.  I mean, he has 10 title reigns in under five years!

    I think the most likely scenario will be Edge defending the belt against either Alberto Del Rio or Rey Mysterio at the big event. 

    Who knows, maybe the WWE will give Christian the chance, but I just don't see it.

Royal Rumble Winner

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    There is the man that I believe will win the Rumble and head to Wrestlemania. 

    I was never a huge fan of CM Punk as the Straight Edge Saviour, but his new role as the leader of Nexus is a very good fit for him.  As I said before, I expect Punk and Barrett to battle at Elimination Chamber in a one-on-one match, which be work if Punk wins the Rumble and cashes his ticket to Mania early.

    Obviously John Cena would have win the belt at EC, and set up the huge match between Punk and Cena. 

    Unfortunately for Punk, Cena won't lose at Mania, so the Rumble winner would lose at the big show for the third year in a row.


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    So, the Road to Wrestlemania is shaping up to be an exciting one.  There will need to be a lot of questions answered between now and then, but I think the card could look something like this.

    Match One: Money in the Bank

    Match Two: Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Christian

    Match Three: Divas Champion Natalya vs Beth Phoenix

    Match Four: US Champion Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd

    Match Five: World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

    Match Six: Triple H vs Sheamus (No-Holds Barred)

    Match Seven: Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

    Match Eight: Undertaker vs Goldberg

    Match Nine: WWE Champion John Cena vs CM Punk.