Jeff Gordon: Where Does the New Paint Scheme Rank Among His Historical Schemes?

Melissa Bauer-Herzog@mbauerherzogCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2011

Jeff Gordon: Where Does the New Paint Scheme Rank Among His Historical Schemes?

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    Jeff Gordon has been known for flashy paint schemes that catch the attention of fans and drivers alike.  Where does his new scheme fit in compared to his other famous schemes? Will his AARP Drive to End Hunger car give him a new nickname that leaves the Rainbow Warrior in the dust?

    Come along with me as I look at some of Gordon’s best paint jobs through the years and rank this new car among them.

National Guard

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    The National Guard car is one of pride for all of HMS.  The blue and silver car still sports the flames that are now Gordon's trademark but the large "National Guard" on the hood is the attention grabber of all fans.  Definitely the most patriotic scheme that Gordon drives, it is my favorite of the No. 24 cars.

The Original Rainbow Warrior

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    The original Rainbow Warrior is one that even non-Nascar fans know.  Possibly almost as famous as the Black No. 3 or the Blue No. 43, Gordon's car can still be seen today in pictures.  This is the second favorite car of mine just because of its historical value.

The Flames

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    Gordon's Dupont paint scheme hasn't changed much over the last few years and it is the car that every little kid dreams of driving as they are playing with their hot wheels and one of the most recognizable on the track.

Pepsi and Gordon

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    Who can forget Gordon's Pepsi sponsor?  The scheme has changed over the years but you can always count on the Pepsi hood making an appearance during the season.  

AARP Drive To End Hunger

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    This brings us back to the newest scheme to grace the No. 24 car.  AARP and Gordon's partnership have brought out some jokes but it is for a worthy cause that should bring some attention to the AARP program.  It definitely isn't as bold as the older paint schemes but may bring in a new era of Gordon's career.


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    Gordon has had many paint schemes over the years but these are the ones that have been most recognizable in his career. From the Rainbow Warrior to the Hero in the Drive to End Hunger, Gordon's cars have made a big impact in the sport.