Colts Fans Abandon Their Team, While Jets Fans Prepare to Fly in for the Kill

Michael BaltonCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2011

Secret Weapons. A sizable crowd of Jet fans Is expected to land in Lucas Oil Stadium this Saturday night.
Secret Weapons. A sizable crowd of Jet fans Is expected to land in Lucas Oil Stadium this Saturday night.Marc Serota/Getty Images

Imagine rooting for your favorite NFL team for an entire season, and then turning your back on them after they make the playoffs. That’s precisely what’s happening with the Indianapolis Colts and their fan base this year.

The city’s daily newspaper, The Indianapolis Star, reports that thousands of tickets for this Saturday night’s AFC wild-card playoff game between the Colts and the Jets are still readily available and are priced to sell. In fact, a number of them have been marked down below what a ticket to a regular-season game usually sells for.


Bargain Bowl

"The prices are much lower," Renny Harrison of Carmel's Fanfare Tickets told The Star. "I think maybe the expectations for this team are a little bit lower than in years past. The flip side is it's an opportunity for fans to get out there and support the team without spending more to do it."

But comments posted by a number of the team’s followers indicated otherwise: 

“Typical fair weather Indianapolis Mayflower fans. Ha ha. You people do not deserve to have a share of the Colts tradition. Stick to basketball.”

“I hate that we will see and hear so many Jets fans here because Colt's ticket holders are selling so many. Terrible.”

“I just hope this means that we won't be seeing a lot of Jets fans buying these tickets. Last year there were far too many Jets fans here, it was really obvious on television.”

“Why does the fact that so many tickets are available for Saturday's game surprise anyone? Most Colts fans are fair weather fans and would prefer not to shell out the cash for playoff tickets to see a good but not great Colts team.” 


Here a Ticket, There a Ticket

Another of the city’s professional ticket brokers sees an overall drop in fan enthusiasm for the Colts. "There are a lot more seats in the sellers' hands," Mike Peduto of Circle City Tickets told The Star. "Last year, everybody coming in here was saying, 'We're going to the Super Bowl.' This year, it's like fans are saying, 'This is our Super Bowl, just to make the playoffs.' " 

At noon on Wednesday, TiqIQ listed 7399 tickets available at an average price of $233 per ticket. StubHub, the ticket reselling service, meanwhile, reported over 4900 tickets available starting at $75. Jets, on the other hand, was offering an all-inclusive package of ticket, airfare and hotel for $699. 

All of which means the chorus of  “J-E-T-S. Jets. Jets. Jets” cheers will be reverberating loudly and frequently throughout Lucas Oil Stadium this Saturday night.  And having so many Jets fans at the game just might take the edge off the Colts home-field advantage.