OJ Mayo Vs. Tony Allen and The Best Teammate Fights in Sports

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJanuary 5, 2011

OJ Mayo Vs. Tony Allen and The Best Teammate Fights in Sports

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    When you have some sort of connection to someone, it doesn't mean you have to like them.

    Whether it's a colleague, a classmate or a teacher, sometimes it's just too hard to put up with the never-ending nonsense.

    The same is true in sports.

    Being teammates doesn't necessarily translate to being friends.

    Just ask Tony Allen and O.J. Mayo, who recently got into a scuffle over a gambling debt stemming from a card game.

    In fact, Allen and Mayo are the inspiration for this list: the best teammate fights in sports. 

10. O.J. Mayo Vs. Tony Allen

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    Didn't O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen learn anything from Javaris Crittenton and Gilbert Arenas?

    Rule No. 1: Never play cards with your teammates.

    Rule No. 2: If you break Rule No. 1, then never bet on said card game.

    Rule No. 3: Stick to Go Fish.

    I mean, I find it hard to believe that plane rides are so boring that NBA players feel the need to gamble to occupy their time.

    Maybe if the league stops overpaying them, they'll stop gambling!

9. Barry Bonds Vs. Jeff Kent

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    In June 2002, the San Francisco Giants were on their way to the World Series.

    Then the low-key feud between Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent—that everyone knew was going on anyway—culminated when the two players began brawling in the dugout during a game.

    "Just add that to the half a dozen times we've done it before. It's no big deal," Kent said about the altercation.

    It must have been a big deal.

    After the incident, Kent reportedly told manager Dusty Baker: "I want off this team."

    He then signed with the Houston Astros as a free agent after that season.

8. Steve Downie Vs. Akim Aliu

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    Where can you see a shirtless man wearing ice skates duke it out with another man?

    Only in hockey.

    Akim Aliu and Steve Downie got into it during practice for some OHL hockey team.

    Why? It turns out that the 16-year-old Aliu didn't take so kindly to a hazing incident in which Downie participated.

    I've been told it involved the ice rink, Aliu and partial nudity, but I can't confirm this.

    I can, however, confirm my love for their teammates' reactions in this video.

    Apparently no one felt the need to step in and break up the fight.

    Gotta love that.

7. Stephen Davis Vs. Michael Westbrook

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    In August 1997, TV cameras were on hand for a Washington Redskins practice when teammates Stephen Davis and Michael Westbrook inexplicably became embroiled in a fight.

    The crazy thing is, no one really had any idea what the hell was going on. It just kinda started.

    However, it would later be revealed that Davis used an anti-homosexual slur in his trash-talking battle with Westbrook.

    The two had reportedly been involved in a war of words for the past two seasons, but this fight was no war.

    It classifies as a total beatdown for Westbrook, who pummels Davis while he sits there taking it like a dead fish.

    Would you be surprised if I told you that Westbrook has competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since his retirement.

    No? Didn't think so.

6. Daryl Strawberry Vs. Keith Hernandez

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    It was 1989 and team photo day for the New York Mets when Daryl Strawberry was positioned right next to Keith Hernandez, who had spent most of the season campaigning against Strawberry for the MVP in favor of another teammate, Kevin McReynolds.

    Strawberry and Hernandez nearly came to blows the night before the photo shoot, but this time they did after Strawberry showed his hatred toward Hernandez.

    "I don't want to sit next to no backstabber," Strawberry said.

    Then, like you might expect from a group of third graders during school picture day, chaos ensued.

    TV cameras captured the whole thing, including a barrage of obscenities from Strawberry and the Mets were left trying to explain how something like that could happen.

5. Don Sutton Vs. Steve Garvey

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    Don Sutton and Steve Garvey were teammates with the Los Angeles Dodgers and they even had lockers next to each other.

    But they never really got along and things took a turn for the worse when Sutton said this to the Washington Post:

    "All you hear about on our team is Steve Garvey, the All-American boy. But Reggie Smith was the real MVP. We all know it ... (Smith) has carried us the last two years. He is not a facade. He does not have the Madison Avenue image."

    When Garvey asked Sutton if he really said that, Sutton replied in the affirmative.

    Two seconds later (according to wire reports): "Suddenly Sutton leaped at Garvey and flung him against a row of lockers along the opposite wall. The two players went down heavily and were clawing at one another, trying ineffectively to land punches."

    Apparently Sutton wasn't too well-liked either.

    During the fight, someone yelled: "Stop the fight, they'll kill each other!"

    Catcher Joe Ferguson replied: "Good."

4. Setanta O'Halpin Vs. Cameron Cloke

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    Lil Jon once rapped: "Don't start no s#@t, won't be no s#@t."

    Well, Cameron Cloke started some with his teammate Setanta O'Halpin.

    And he paid for it. Big-time.

    The two Australian rules football stars went at it for about three seconds before O'Halpin knocked Cloke''s lights out.

    Seriously, Cloke was done after that hit.

    But just to add a little insult to injury, O'Halpin gave another kick as he lay unconscious on the ground.

3. Bill Romanowski Vs. Marcus Williams

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    Usually when NFL players fight, nothing too bad happens, considering the players wear helmets, shoulder pads and mouth pieces.

    But Bill Romanowski versus Marcus Williams is the exception to that rule.

    During an Oakland Raiders practice in 2003, the two players were locked together when Romanowski destroyed Williams' face with a sudden uppercut.

    The monstrous punch shattered Williams' left orbital bone, left him with headaches and blurred vision two weeks after the incident and was so serious that Williams took Romanowski to court with a personal injury lawsuit.

    At the trial, teammate Ryan Prince testified on behalf of Williams.

    The blow "just crushed Marcus' face," Prince told the jury. "It sounded gross—a really unnatural sound, and Marcus dropped—he was out. Bill is over the top of him, screaming, 'Don't you ever f$%#ing hold me! Don't you ever f$%#ing touch me!' "

    I wonder what Romanowski would have done if Williams wasn't a teammate.

2. Robert Baker Vs. Noel Prefontaine

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    Check out the No. 3 video on this countdown.

    In 2005, Toronto Argonauts football player Robert Baker was a little upset—someone from the opposing team allegedly spit on him—when kicker Noel Prefontaine tried to calm him down.

    There's a reason you're a kicker, Noel. Don't try to calm down an angry football player.

    Baker proceeded to go absolutely nuts on Prefontaine on the sidelines, both pushing him and throwing punches at the poor guy.

    I've never watched a CFL game, so help me out: Is that what happens in Canada?

1. Latrell Sprewell Vs. P.J. Carlesimo

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    Look in the dictionary and I can guarantee you won't find a picture of Latrell Sprewell next to the word "calm."

    On Dec. 1, 1997, while a member of the Golden State Warriors, Sprewell was asked by head coach P.J. Carlesimo to "put a little mustard" on his passes.

    Sprewell told Carlesimo he was not in the mood for criticism and to keep his distance, but Carlesimo made his way toward Sprewell anyway.

    That's when Sprewell threatened to kill Carlesimo, grabbed him by his throat and choked him on the ground for a solid 10 or 15 seconds.

    Some Warriors teammates pulled Sprewell off Carlesimo...only for Sprewell to return about 20 minutes later and get another punch in on Carlesimo.

    Screw respecting authority figures—or human life in general—right?