Are Trent Edwards and the Buffalo Bills the Real Deal?

Joshua GarveyContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

Was Trent Edwards performance on Sunday vs. Seattle what we can expect from him all season long?

Edwards was shaky at first, and I'm not trying to make any excuses, but there were a lot of factors that help explain his performance.

The rain at the beginning of the game looked like it was being played in Seattle, not Buffalo. Edwards had a few misguided passes, as well as some that should have been caught.

Secondly, Edwards had some rust to shake off after not practicing or playing at the end of the preseason due to his bruised leg.

Once Edwards settled in, he looked very comfortable and was very effective. He went 16-19—9-11 in the second half—after starting the game 4-12.

He hit his targets and threw some nice balls to both Robert Royal—for a TD—and deep threat Lee Evans. Bills fans and players have to be happy with what they saw.

His performance showed that he can play in the NFL. He had zero turnovers in the game and was only sacked once. His decision-making was vital in the Bills keeping the momentum in their favor to prevent a Seattle comeback.

Am I calling that the Bills will march to the Super Bowl under their MVP QB? No, but Sunday definitely showed that the Bills are a legitimate team in the AFC.

With Brady out in New England, and the Jets just squeaking by the Dolphins, the AFC East title is not out of the picture.

The Bills have found the missing piece to their offense in Edwards, and with the special teams and defense they played, no one will want to face the Bills come Sunday.