Warriors Choose Quantity over Quality: 18 Players Under Contract to Begin 2008

Ishak KangContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

You have to wonder if there's a plan to all the mayhem that is the GSW 2008 offseason.  With the three additional free agent signings today, Mullin now has four undrafted rookies from their Summer League teams on the roster.

Will they ever see the court under Don Nelson?  Hard to imagine they won't all spend time in the D-League.

One player who can break through because of the injury to Monta Ellis is Demarcus Nelson.  Quite a bit smaller than the listed 6'4", Nelson's 6'10" reach helped him to be selected ACC defensive player of the year in his senior season.  An Oakland native, he should have plenty of support if he can bring the perimeter defensive tenacity that is so crucial for Nelson-coached teams.

This training camp will prove to be quite a competition for back-up at all positions except for center.  How many swingmen are on this roster?  Add 6'7" Dion Dowell to the list headed by Maggette and Jackson.

Dowell excels at rebounding his position while competent at nearly every other facet of the game.  At 6'9", Kurz, another four-year college player like the previous two, has Austin Croshere 2.0 written all over him. 

Instead of premium prospects or veterans, Mullin has selected athletes that bring above-average rebounding and defense to the table.  This has been sorely missing from the current roster of probable players.  The point guard position has got to give way to point forward because there is just not enough pure point guard talent on the roster. 

Nobody expects Marcus Williams to trim down the 25 pounds necessary to play major minutes the whole season.  We're going to see less penetration from the PG, and more spot up shooting.  I can imagine the turnovers will be extremely high this season with that much responsibility falling to Maggette and Jackson. 

Don Nelson will be well-served employing the youth movement and playing a deep 10-man rotation.  It's hard to imagine that he can trust any of his rookies to do the things he demands.

But, a sweet stroke bodes well for Anthony Morrow, just like the hands of Demarcus Nelson just may steal some PT with the club while they wait for Franchise Blur to heal.